Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy New Year!

You may have seen Andy Lau in all-action HK films like Saviour Of The Soul, God Of Gamblers, House Of Flying Daggers or the Infernal Affairs series. There's a chance you may not have seen him smiling benevolently on the people of China while riding an eagle and singing an infuriatingly catchy tune welcoming the lunar new year....until now. It's enormously silly but i love this video. Happy year of the tiger.


AliMunday said...

Happy year of the tiger to you, too. Mr Munday is a big House of Flying Daggers fan - doesn't do anything for me but this video is more my level. I like the jolly dragon at the beginning.

nilpferd said...

Reminds me of a chinese New Year I once spent in Kuala Lumpur.. I nearly got decapitated by rockets, being taller than most other people was definitely a bad idea.. very cool festival and parade though, and great atmosphere and food.

ejay said...

Happy new year,! It's Tiger this year isn't it?