Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Couple Of Samplers

For Steenbeck, a stairwell, and for us all, free music from Asthmatic Kitty Records, and Sub Pop, featuring, in no particular order the Ruby Suns, Sufjan Stevens FOTC, Fruit Bats, My Brightest Diamond, Le Loup, Unnatural Helpers, Bassekou Koyate, Vetiver,Castanets, Hermas Zoupola, Nirvana, Dum Dum Girls and that's just the funny band names.


Shoegazer said...

Kitty link seems to have been taken down, but the sub-pop is still there. Cheers for the heads up.

DarceysDad said...

Both seem to be downloading quite happily for me, gents. I'll let you know when I've unzipped 'em.

ejaydee said...

It's in the dropbox if you're having trouble.

ejaydee said...

Haven't listened to the Kitty yet, but the Sub Pop has got some great stuff.

steenbeck said...

LOVE THE PICTURE!!! DId you take it? Really beautiful.

steenbeck said...

Here are the stairway-related things that crowd into my mind...

REM - We Walk

and this part of a TS Eliot Poem... Sorry, it's weird and heavy. Maybe TracyK can interpret it for us. Heh heh!!!

At the first turning of the second stair
I turned and saw below
The same shape twisted on the banister
Under the vapour in the fetid air
Struggling with the devil of the stairs who wears
The deceitul face of hope and of despair.

At the second turning of the second stair
I left them twisting, turning below;
There were no more faces and the stair was dark,
Damp, jaggèd, like an old man's mouth drivelling, beyond
Or the toothed gullet of an agèd shark.

At the first turning of the third stair
Was a slotted window bellied like the figs's fruit
And beyond the hawthorn blossom and a pasture scene
The broadbacked figure drest in blue and green
Enchanted the maytime with an antique flute.
Blown hair is sweet, brown hair over the mouth blown,
Lilac and brown hair;
Distraction, music of the flute, stops and steps of the mind
over the third stair,
Fading, fading; strength beyond hope and despair
Climbing the third stair.

Lord, I am not worthy
Lord, I am not worthy

but speak the word only.

ejaydee said...

Yep, this picture's mine, from my grandmother's house. I'm glad you like it, I'll try to sneak in some more over time.

Japanther said...

very much looking forward to these, cheers for the heads up Ejay.

Free music is great!!