Monday, February 8, 2010

**Spoiler Alert** The Web Is Nonsense

Fuelled by a post over on Song, By Toad about analytics and blog stats I went and had a look at our data. The bizarre phrases that folks google to get to The 'Spill has always interested me, and seeing as it's nonsense week this week - I'm going to attempt to formulate some questions based on those that others have searched for the answers to. Mebbe this time they'll get what they need! These are exact quotes by the way:

1. "How to remove spilled chicken soup in couch seat?"

2. "Songs about bricklayers for children"?

3. "Best white soul singer?"

4. "da da dadadadada da da dada -metallica +classic"?

5. "how do you say "you hate it" in french" ?

6. "how to tell if you are throttled" ?

7. ""how do u cook pork chops"?

8. "in 1991 what was invented?"

9. "is kate rusby suitable kids"?

10. "what the heck does shoegazer mean"?

11. "what's the opposite of insomnia?"

12. "what rhymes with spill?"

13. "what's the name of the band with the guy in a lobster suit who plays the keytar?"

14. "who cleans up a spill of soup: the spiller or the person whose soup it is?"

15. "what is blimpy?"

There we go, 15 excerpts from the frankly enormous and strange underbelly of the 'Spill.

So, if you have any answers, please post them in the comments, because enquiring minds want to know!!


DsD with one eye still on the Superbowl said...

Re #10: been wondering that myself!

Mnemonic said...

#3 Jamie Lidell

Edouard said...

4. Enter Sandman?

12. Chill, pill, grill, Cruella DeVille, Jimmy Saville, pork pibil...

nilpferd said...

1. Turn couch seat upside down
4. la la la la la + ears + fingers - hearing
10. Never mind that- what the heck does Steengazer mean?
13. Synthador Dali

Abahachi said...

The soup obsession, not to mention the pork chops, is a handy reminder that it's ages since we had a good recipe on here.

B=Mc2 said...

@Aba - whither FP and her "can;t be arsed to cook"?

also, q14 kept me up ALL NIGHT.

B=Mc2 said...

& q15 thrust me into a state of post-existential identity crisis angst...

saneshane said...

12 don't get ill.. bill .. kill 'til.. duckbill t'was a thrill Gil!

6 ya head goes blue then pops

10 don't know but ya head goes blue then pops

15 his head goes blue then pops

Shoey said...

3. Michael Jackson?

Shoey said...

2. Bricks by the Diagram Brothers. "They're not expensive at all"

Mark68 said...

Surely 2 is the Bob The Builder theme song?

FP said...

@ Hach: Very touched that you remembered.... Shall get thinking.

Shoey said...

Soup recipes are likely to be popular, it seems.

sonofwebcore said...

Place pork chops in casserole dish. Open tin of pineapple rings in juice NOT SYRUP. Pour pineapple juice over chops. Season with salt and pepper. Cover and place in the centre of a preheated oven (gas 5) for 40 minutes, then place pineapple rings on top of chops for a further 10 minutes. Pour juices into saucepan and thicken with flour. Add cooking water from seasonal vegetables and a little stock. Give it a good razzing with stick blender so there's no lumps and serve with veg. Had this last night.

sonofwebcore said...

Oh, shoulda said, simmer the sauce until flour is cooked through and it thickens. Maybe 3-4 minutes.

nilpferd said...

er- sorry, SOWC, I think my response to that one is le #5.