Friday, February 26, 2010


Charlotte Anne
Wrong 'Em Boyo
Cheated Hearts
The Trick
Masters Of Deception
Don't Betray Me

Cupid's Trick
Sweet Deception
Liar's Ink
Trick Pony
Thief & The Liar
Lies, Lies & Government


Anonymous said...
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gremlinfc said...

Love Thief and Liar - who's it by?
Reminds me of Gary Clail's brilliant track from "End of the Century Party" in 1989 - the classic "Two Thieves and a Liar"...

saneshane said...

Scary √Čire - hip hop from Ireland... gremlin - this was early 90's .. I think.. they had problems with a record label who owned their album but didn't release it.. if I remember correctly - unlikely, as I'm struggling with what I did at supper time!

Shoegazer said...

Hey Gremlin. Thanks Shane. Added some Twinkle

gremlinfc said...

Thanks Shane - great info- sort of detail I love - Hi Mr. Shoe hope you are well.

saneshane said...

lovely mixture of tunes shoey - nice contrasts

yeah yeah yeahs .. Ghetto Priest.. Laura Gibson ... Eliot Smith ... Morane.. shoeys Calvin Party .. pretty much all of it was cool.

nice one mate.

(I'm trying to remember the collected term for the Irish Hip Hop.. they were taken on tour by U2 mostly - um - It'll come back to me one day!)

saneshane said...

and that's the 2nd Charlotte track I'm liking off IRM - what's the rest like?

Shoegazer said...

It's like a good Beck album - well worth it.