Thursday, February 11, 2010

I threw back the covers and look what I found


Chris said...

I really like the Keb' Mo', tin. Using Mr Garrison to sing Respect is a great wheeze: fun.
I'm afraid the Persuasions haven't enhanced 'Roses. I like the tones of the voices a lot but the guitar break comes as a relief.
Track 1 doesn't play, btw.

saneshane said...

I'd better be pedantic if only I knew how to spell it...... waits for the tin quip.... but I'd better bump up your comment count:

...I know the version wolfies were inspired by was Arethas - but wouldn't Otis be a tad pissed not to get credit for his song?

(.. also love it that Elizabeth Fraser probably wasn't best pleased to be doing backing vocals)

Florence does a good addicted.. almost as good as Ciccone Youth!

there I feel better.

tincanman said...

Thanks for boosting my comments count shane!

(Oh and sorry I've been so tardy getting your Celine Dion earworm onto the Spill.)

tin out

tincanman said...

First song link works this end Chris, but here's another go. Sounds like Buddy Holly doing the Beatles.

Shoey said...

Found an AC Marias cover of Vicious the other day. These things make me happy.