Monday, February 8, 2010

Shoey's Album Of The Month - Jan 2010

The Sea Is A Good Place To Think About The Future
Banafleur Overalt
Dating Pressures
Madder Red
We Are Free
A Lifeless Ordinary (Need A Little Help)


Anonymous said...

Brim over I to but I think the list inform should acquire more info then it has.

Japanther said...

are we still voting on these?

it's a toss up between "Dating Pressures" and "Banafleur Overalt" for me....

barbryn said...

I think the list inform should acquire more info then it has too.

Look forward to listening to these - just wanted to say I downloaded Jesca Hoop's album on the strength of last month's posting, and have been enjoying it greatly. Kind of like Marissa Nadler crossed with Gwen Stefani.

I loved that Los Campesinos! track from the Festive Spill - serendipitiously, I happened to have it on at midnight on New Year's Eve. How does the rest of the album compare?

B=Mc2 said...

i'm liking yeasayer, and am thinking that "doubt" is an enormo bloc party rip off!

Shoey said...

Anon. Your comments are getting more interesting.

JP. Vote early & vote often. Not sure Milk have much of a chance - good album, but should probably be disqualified as it's retreads of earlier stuff.

Barbryn. Couldn't resist posting Sea again - it might even make the Festive Spill again, now it's officially out. Haven't had too much time with the album - but think it's their best yet. Now how do you file them, under L or C?

Blimps. Interesting. I get more of a New Order vibe.

steenbeck said...

I liked Fire-Power, We Are Free and Parasites. What do I win? No, I mean, who are they by?

Isaac likes A Lifeless Ordinary best.

I love the picture, too, SHoey.

nilpferd said...

Doubts Banafleur overalt and I, as usual, take electronic shoelaces engagedly.

nilpferd said...

No, not stoned- I just put my comment through an online translator. I'm sick of the way Anon gets all the plaudits on here.

saneshane said...

1 Los Campesinos! liking this track.. and some cracking lyrics in the songs I've got...(rhyming cock and post rock is going to date a song though).. but umm, however much it pains me to say - tin might be right!!! - not getting much memorable tuneage yet.
(I'll see, if or when I get the whole album)
are you liking it shoey all in all?

2 These New Puritans.. adam and the ants/bow wow wow style drum patterns - what's not to like?

3 Jaga Jazzist.. this gets better as it plays on, I haven't engaged with the tracks I've got yet (hows it play as a whole nilpferd?)

4 Harvey Milk.. z-boy got me to skip this.. not even 5 and already making snap decisions- critics huh!

5 Yeasayer.. I was looking forward to this.. like the music and the vocal sounds, but I'm finding the voice a bit.. ummm bland, I'll get over that.. what's the rest like?

6 Get Well Soon.. ms. sane piped up with "who's this? it's nice"
that's her pick then.

7 Don't know it.. not really my thing.. sorry little Isaac.

8 Delphic... I'm kinda in the mood for this sort of thing at the moment.. I imagine it'll get some interesting mixes .. 3.16ish complete new order yeah and I see the bloc party reference too.

9 The Soft Pack .. don't know this either .. rolling along nicely...

good picks... wouldn't chuck most off the stereo.. now my tune for the month from here is:

Parasites - probably cos I just played it.. but there wasn't any little faults to annoy me... or get over with extra listens.. I will learn to love some of the others (maybe!)

nilpferd said...

Shane, in theory Jaga Jazzist is exactly the sort of thing I should love, but somehow I've never quite been moved enough to actually buy an album. One Armed Bandit is very tempting though, just listening on Spotify. I think the sound of the album is warmer, more synth based, and less acoustic than other stuff I've heard from them- like it a lot.

saneshane said...

there has been a lot of Jaga Jazzist variations I think 20 odd members or something.. so you never really know what to expect.

I might see if my computer can cope with spotify tomorrow and have a listen.. cheers for that.

... and the soft pack were the muslims I see.. that must have worked a treat in searches!

TracyK said...

The Los Campesinos! lp is a grower, not quite as immediate as We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed, but yes, it rewards the listener. We're seeing 'em next week in derby, yay! Delphic rather good live, though more band-y than amibient-y, which I found a bit disappointing.

ejay said...

No clear favourites this month, but I was curious about Yeasayer and banana Flower deserves another listen.

barbryn said...

It's those Campesinos for me, even if that track has an unfair advantage. Liked Yeasayer a lot - their track on the Dark Was The Night compilation is one of my current earworms.