Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Earworms of the Week (Feb 16)

17 Hippies are a fairly recent addition to my list of favourite bands. There aren't 17 of them and they aren't hippies, either! This song, from their 2007 CD Heimlich, builds little by little. It's gentle, sweet and there's absolutely no percussion. I haven't got a clue what the lyrics are about - I don't think I want to know - it's part of the song's mystery - ouch!
- Makinavaja

With Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward releasing 'Volume Two' of their collaboration next month, I've been revisiting 'Volume One', from which this is the standout track, a countrified, Spectorish song of innocence.
- Catcher

This song has got me this week, from Owen Pallett (the artist formerly known as Final Fantasy). It's off his new album, Heartland. Strange contradiction - the song sounds happy and upbeat, but the lyrics speak of serious violence.
- glasshalfempty

This came on in the car the other week and my girlfriend said "Yeah, but I still think the David Gray version is vastly superior," like that's a thing people say. Next day, she played the DG version and I remembered exactly what I hated about it - an atrocity of a Dylan impersonation drearily plotting a route through Almond's luminous torch song with the same lazy slur Amy Winehouse brought to Valerie. Soft Cell vs Gray - there's no comparison, right?
- May1366

Mr. Z. (Sheddi) has just purchased, via eBay, some vinyl and even though he hasn't played the Twisted Sister LP yet, I've had their version of "Leader of the Pack" bouncing around my head ever since the postman handed me the 12" square parcel
- Zalamanda

One of the great voices. Up there with Ella and Patsy. I remember this from when we used to listen to the BBC "Light Programme". Lovely soaring melody. Excellent for singing in the shower I've found. What's not to like?
- Severin

From the 2006 eponymous LP by the ex-Psychedelic Furs frontman. I put it on 'Repeat1' to decipher if that strange metallic voice floating around W-A-A-A-Y back in the mix was some kind of subliminal whisper. Before I knew it, it was almost two in the morning and I was still falling in love with different bits of it.
- DsD

3 spots filled for next week; 3-4 left. First-come, first-served(ish). Preference to non- RR 'leftovers'.


Makinavaja said...

Faves this week - She & Him and Richard Butler (DsD we don't don't seem to come from the same place musically and yet it never ceases to surprise me how much of what you post grabs my attention!). May 1366 - agree with you, absolutely no contest!

DarceysDad said...

Thanks, Maki.

For my part, I can't resist saying "OUCH!" to the Zs for the Twisted Sister memory jogger. I had vaguely fond, unverified-since-teenage memories of that from when it was first released, but I have to say that for me, it definitely hasn't stood the test of time. It's bad, isn't it?

Bedtime for Bonzo; I'm shattered. I was awake until nearly three this morning reading the latest Brookmyre, and as I'm only a third of the way through it, I suspect I won't be able to resist picking it up again as soon as I flop into bed tonight.

G'night all.

saneshane said...

17 Hippies and She & Him albums will get another play tomorrow..

gray had to be skipped..

I was going to do an Owen Pallett post at one point and then I didn't get 'round to it.

Twisted sister - was ummm interesting!

bishbosh said...

Richard Butler for me too. Not what I was expecting him to sound like at all - very un-Psychedelic Furs, seems to me. (Not that sounding like the Furs would have been a bad thing - they were of course great.) And CLEARLY Soft Cell over D Gray - what a horrible honking noise he makes. Have a word, May1366...

steenbeck said...

Shoot, I lost a post!

Um...I've been listening to M. Ward quite a bit lately. His O Lazy Days is my theme song, at the moment...

"And oh, sleepless night
I don't feel alright
Somebody said how do you spend your sleepless night?
I don't feel alright with all my sleepless nights

But I think it would be nice sometime
To have a little peace of mind
Haven't had a long night's rest in a long, long time"

But I have to admit that I DON'T WANT TO LIKE his collaboration with ZD, in the same way I don't want to like Scarlett Johanssen's music, or that of any other stupid hollywood celebrity lucky enough to get to make music. Bastards!!!

I did like this song, though...

Fintan28 said...

I Liked Son Mystere a whole bunch. Had to repeat. She & Him I have & they're pretty fun. No contest for Soft Cell(I won't tell Mrs. Fintan-David Gray fan)Hadn't heard Jo Stafford for years - great Voice. The owen pallett was a little disturbing - Brian Wilson (& pretty well done) does Marilyn Mansonish. Don't know what to make of ti.

barbryn said...

I actually knew the David Grey version of SH,WG first, and it's quite a pleasant dirge (more Van than Dylan, I'd say) but I had no idea what a good song it was until I heard Soft Cell.

Would like to hear more 17 Hippies (weren't they whispering in German in the Box this week?) and M Ward in particular.

Makinavaja said...

Barbryn - 17 Hippies are a pretty eclectic bunch! Son Mystère and Heimlich (in the box) are both on the 2007 CD Heimlich (it's on Spotify) which is about as melodic as they get. They have a - stronger, perhaps more representative - raucous side which comes across much better on their live stuff. I am particularly fond of Live in Berlin and 17 Hippies Play Guitar, on which Marc Ribot guests. Most of this is on Spotify but if you can't get to hear it there I think the elves may be able to help.

debbym said...

17 Hippies really need to be experienced live - they're playing a couple of gigs in Spain the first week of May, and they're in the UK in July for the Rhythms of the World Festival.
More info here

Makinavaja said...

Debby - the Madrid gig is already penciled in my diary - as soon as they confirm the venue tickets will be bought. Quite agree about the experiencing them live idea. That's why their live albums tend to do it more for me than the, admittedly great, studio stuff.

Makinavaja said...

Barbryn - check the box!

barbryn said...

Finally had a chance to listen - good stuff, thanks! Would like to see them live.