Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ShoePop or Shane's Dare or 'Spillers Post Music That You Wouldn't Really Expect From Them, Knowing Their Musical Tastes A Bit As You Do

Cast Your Fate To The Wind

The Boys
Wonderful Life
Rhythm Divine
God's Own Girl
Something About You
Wake Up Soon
Umbrella Beach

The Girls
I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me


B=Mc2 said...

there's some tasty morsels in here!

B=Mc2 said...

the girls rock hard!

B=Mc2 said...

and i fully expect that you guys love killer tunes - no suprise to me!!

saneshane said...

shoey - .. you are twisting the Pure Pop phrase to your own limits aren't you.. boys tracks at the moment are having a tendency for the high chested slap bass! Loving your efforts...

saneshane said...

so no to kylie and jem.. but natalie umbugeyedlia gets in and nut nut next - cool!

bishbosh said...

I'm intrigued that the boys pretty much all seem to be from the 80s and the girls from the 90s/00s. Or am I imagining that? Love everything except the Level 42. Bit that may just be long-held anti-Mark King prejudice.

Shoey said...

90's + Boys = Boy Bands. Am not prepered to wander that far away from my comfort zone. Mark may be a tool with a bass under his chin, but think the chewn holds up & wanted to see if the more obscure stuff held up alongside the more popular pop.