Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kanye West Asks The Important Questions

After wondering why oh why Beyonce's "best video of all time" didn't win that award, he wonders, "why is Mos Def so fresh?"

24 Hour Karate School


steenbeck said...

I love that shirt of Mos Def holding the ecstatic cover!! I love the ecstatic cover, as it happens.

It reminds me of the Square America photo essay, MID-AIR

Phew, I love these.

Speaking of photo essays, Ejay...Still waiting for the stairwell study. I think it would be BRILLIANT. Brilliant! (I"m not kidding, I know it's hard to tell sometimes)

Who are the boys on the skateboard?

And I really want to listen to your 'Spill list ejaydee, but I had work, and a blizzard, and little Isaac has pneumonia...(Laying it on thick, I know, but it's all true.) Anyway...Lovely indeed to see posts and lists and generally anything from you.

ejaydee said...

In the words of Frank Costanza, "I'm back baby!".
No worries of you don't listen, you probably know half of them already anyway.

I want that T-shirt!
The now infamously mooted stairwell photo essay potentially could be brilliant! Potentially is the key word though. I'll have to find some music to post the pics with.

Dunno who the boys are but they look cool don't they?

ejay said...

By the way, thanks for reminding me of Square America, I may have bookmarked it the first time you showed it to us, but had forgotten about it, that's where I'll be stealing all my 'Spill pics form now on!