Thursday, February 11, 2010

Swan Lake

I love this track, and I like the samples, so I looked them up. Does it really sample a million versions of the same wonderful song? Because that would make it the BEST TRACK EVER! Here's the thing...I'm such a moron, that I don't know if the sample site was right, and it does have all these versions. Can somebody smarter with sharper ears verify for me? Either way, it's worth a listen, it's a great track.


nilpferd said...

Sounds like it to me! Indeed an awesome track and an awesome samples post!
Of the originals I like the Ramon Morris best.
Annoyingly, I can't play the Sony clips- they are blocked here. Still, Spotty fills in the gaps.

ejaydee said...

Thanks for this, I've always loved that song since the Crooklyn soundtrack, and these versions are all new to me apart from the O'Donnel Levy.

tincanman said...

Neat hearing the different versions. I thought your wanted us to played em all at once, and if anyone else is so inclined, don't.
I also liked the Ramon Morris best. Sweet horns.
As for the Blackalicious - why oh why oh why do they spoil the mood and groove with shout outs. (There's even one to his nephew, for shit sake)

Is it on Troubadour that K'naan says he doesn't do shout outs and then does em 2 songs in a row?

steenbeck said...

I have an instrumental version of the Blackalicious track, Tin. In fact I was playing it this morning and Isaac shouted, genuinely upset, STOP MAKING ME MAKE FUNKY MOVES!! hee hee. He couldn't not dance.

Thanks for listening. I think I can hear it all now...and I'm just liking it better and better.