Thursday, February 25, 2010

Music to Convalesce to...

My good mate - and proxy (via my posts) RR contributor - Quique has just come out of hospital after a hernia operation. He'll be stuck at home in bed unable to move for the next 10 days or so. I normally get to see him in his restaurant at the weekends and give him the RR topic for the week. We also exchange tips about music we've come across (old and new) and a lot of what you guys have introduced me to has made it onto the Noveccento Pizzeria playlist. The latest addition being Tindersticks (thanks to Tin and Barbryn).

I have an idea. I would like us to put together a get well soon playlist for him. It would thrill him no end! I'm kicking off with something that ain't quite his cup of tea but he'll forgive me for. If anyone would like to join in they can send contributions to makinavajarr - at - and I'll add them as they arrive. Quique reads (or rather listens to) the 'Spill despite not understanding a word of English and is impressed by a lot of what is posted here.

Thanks everyone.

From Maki
From debbym
From Ali Munday
From DsD
From Shoey
From Japanther
From CaroleBristol
From ToffeeBoy
From goneforeign 1
From goneforeign 2
From gremlinfc 1
From gremlinfc 2
From steenbeck
From Chris 7572
From TatankaYotanka
From bishbosh
From Mnemonic

UPDATE - Sunday afternoon

I have just received a lengthy email from Quique in which he expresses his heartfelt thanks for your virtual TLC with a very special mention for Shane and his play-list (see above). He has suggested that he would like to repay this kindness with his own play-list for all you wonderful 'Spillers. He would like you to get to know him a little better and feels there is no better way to do this than to share some music he loves with you! I will use a translation of part of his e-mail as the text for the post.

This list is still open, btw.

Thanks everyone.



Makinavaja said...

This is a (free) translation of this post so that Quique can understand what I have written.

Mi buen amigo -y participante en RR por poderes (a través de mis post) - Quique, acaba de salir del hospital después e una operación de hernia. Estará amarrado a la cama sin poder moverse los próximos diez días más o menos. Suelo verle los fines de semana en su restaurante y le digo cual es el tema de la semana. También intercambiamos "cromos" nuevos y usados y mucho de lo que vosotros me habéis descubierto ya se escucha en la Pizzería Novecccento. La última adición hha sido Tindersticks gracias a Tin y Barbryn.

Tengo una idea. Quisiera que le hiciéramos una lista "que te mejores". Le encantaría. Lo pongo en marcha con algo que no es santo de su devoción pero sé que me perdonará. Si alguien quiere participar que me mande su contribución a maki,etc. y los añado según vayan llegando.

Gracias a todos.

ejay said...

Me gusta esta idea, voy a pensar as algunas musicas. Desculpe, mi español esta in poco rusty

AliMunday said...

Will send something, my husband is waiting for a similar op and has been in pain / prodded and poked about for 18 months now. Much sympathy.

DarceysDad said...

Lovely idea, Maki. I'll get me thinking cap on.

Consiga bien pronto, Quique.

[Did I get that right???]

Makinavaja said...

Not quite DsD but he'll understand! "Qué te mejores" is the usual phrase.
Hey - I got my first a-lister this week!!!!

lambretinha said...

Tómatelo con calma y a ponerse bien pronto, Quique...

Un abrazo

¡Y a ver si te dejas caer tú algún día por RR, que no doy abasto con tanto guiri yo solo!

DarceysDad said...

Cheers, Maki. And congrats on breaking your RR duck. I got one of my all-time favourite songs A-listed too, so I'm a happy bunny in spite of DBT being completely ignored again.

Shoey said...

Will dig out something for the truss fund (sorry) later. Foetus' Sick Man comes to mind - but 'Spilled that a few weeks back. Do you want linky's here or bunged in the box?

Shoeycantread said...

Note to self - look to see if there are instructions before posting. Mail it is then.

steenbeck said...

Nice idea, Maki! Do you have any clues about what kind of music he likes? I'll try to come up with something tomorrow...

Shoegazer said...

e-mail giving file too big message - so here you go

Let's Get Sick - Mu

Makinavaja said...

Thanks everyone, this is just what I hoped for!

Steen Quique has broad tastes and an open musical mind - anything you think will cheer him up will be fine!

Japanther said...

Tune on the way Maki, hope you feel better soon Quique.

ToffeeBoy said...

I've put an mp3 in our shared dropbox folder. Let me know if it works.

CaroleBristol said...

Maki - I emailed you a tune as an attachment.

Makinavaja said...

Thanks Carole, TB, GF and Japanther. I think I'm up to date with posting what's been sent. If I've missed anything please let me know! I spoke to Quique this lunchtime. He is in some pain but is really grateful for this gesture and asked me to pass his thanks on to you all.

Makinavaja said...

Ali - I forgot to thank you too. Hope Mr Munday gets his op soon and that all goes well. Mrs Maki is awaiting an op too - I know how stressful and worrying these things are!

gremlinfc said...

Buenas tardes compañeros – no se cómo “incrustar” una canción en la página pero me gustaria aportar y por tanto escribí una sugerencia al señor Maki…una mejoría rapida - GFC

bishbosh said...

Maki, just emailed you some (of my usual) uncool late-80s chartpop in the hope that it may provide some aural soothing - hang in there, Quique!

Makinavaja said...

Quique has just sent me his Playlist and I hope to post tomorrow - I'm away from Weds to Fri (no MFF for me this week unless I can sort out internet issues). If not tomorrow sometime on Saturday.