Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hit Me With Your EOTWQs! HIT ME!

1. Ever had one of them "Eureka" moments, no matter how big or small?

2. Which word do you always misspell? Suprise me!

3. I ate calves liver at the restaurant this evening, solely in an attempt to rehabilitate my childhood (there was loadsa good stuff on the menu too...), anyone attempted similar with food (or other things)?

4. I also saw the Ian Dury biopic - who do you think deserves the bio-pic treatment who hasn't already had it, and who would play them?

5. True or false - Tom Waits?


Chris said...

1. Yes, big and small. I'll try to remember some.
2. Booh!
3. I'm not sure my childhood needs re-habilitating...
4. Jerry Garcia. Jeff Bridges. It centres around his recovery from a diabetic coma in 1986, remembering the past, relearning... and re-using.
5. Kirsty Wark's are both.

steenbeck said...

Hoooooboy!! End of the week questions!! From Blimpy!!! I'll think about it if I can't sleep tonight, and get back to you tomorrow. Although for 4, I've always thought Queen Latifah would make a good Bessie Smith...

HE WAITS FOR NO MAN!! (So is he not waiting for anyone, or is he waiting, for no man...?)

TonNL said...

1. Yes, reducing a very complex set of formulas for a physics experiment to a very basic formula in high school. Two years later at the Eindhoven Polytechnic we had to do basically the same experiment, and were given the same set of complex formulass, which I immediately recognized, and reduced to my very simple formula from high school. When I had conviced a couple of professors of the correctness of my of my reduction process, my formula was included in the University manuals as the 'Bukkems Formula'......

2. The Dutch word for data: "Gegevens", always ends up as "Gegvens" or something close to it...

3. Calf's liver, yummie!!! Never had any problem with eating liver, kidneys or a good blutwurst/boudin....

4. Jeffrey Lee Pierce (from the Gun Club)

5. Tom waits for whom or what?

CaroleBristol said...

1) Yes, many times. The biggest one was driving a car. I was useless at it for ages and ages, even failed tests, then one day it just all came together.

2) Not really, I hope I am good at speeling.

3) I didn't eat smoked haddock for decades because my Mum used to ruin it. When I tried it again, cooked nicely, it was a revelation.

4) Syd Barrett. Not sure who would play him, maybe someone like James McAvoy.

5) Ask not for who the Tom Waits, he waits for you.

sourpus said...

Nice questions.

1. My life is one big eureka moment honestly; especially since I discovered disposable razors.

2. As im sure the Spill police noticed, I am the single worst speller here. Watch this wont be long

3. I had the chance to do this while living abroad many times. Polish barszcz (beetroot soup) is one example. My mother still does love Beetroot, but when I was a kid, I would even prefer homework to just smelling such a foul beast.
I tried to get into it in Poland, and even got through several bowls, but I still wouldn't rush to the table and grab my spoon in anticipation..

4. Predictably, I would love to see Jonathan Richman biopicked.It would need to be done in the 'I'm not there' style (3 or 4 different actors playing Jonathan) and with mucho fantasy sequences (I particularly like the image of the boy Jonathan, his best friend John Felice and Jonathan's travelling salesman father, driving down Route 128 and being mesmerised by Howard Johnson's and the power lines, while listening to rock n roll on the radio, crying tears of appreciation. Handled well, I think it would slay me.

Actors to play Jonathan? Holy moly! Joaquin Phoenix? Kate Blanchett? You'd need a real chameleon with a spot on sense of mimicry. Maybe Jonathan himself!

5. Dont be daft. Tom Waits for no man!

SatanKidneyPie said...

Having been to the Birmingham mini-social last night (shame on those who couldn’t make the trip to Birmingham on a rainy Wednesday night) I feel bad I’ve not participated in EOTWQs for a while, so here goes.

1. “Eureka” moments:
I think most of us have recounted the times when we first got a language (mine being GCSE German) in previous EOTWQs, so I won’t cover that ground again. One of the most complicated things I have to do at work is finding out whether somebody has a claim to British citizenship or not – it often revolves around the colonial status of the country of birth at that time (such as Mandated Territory, Protected State), and whether they then lost any claim to British citizenship when the country of birth declared independence. There’s usually a bit of a Eureka moment when I finally get my head around it all.

2. mizpeld wurdz:
I’ve always have a mental block over effect/affect; oh, and licence/license

3. calves liver to rehabilitate childhood:
Don’t talk to me about liver. One of the most disturbing memories from my childhood is being given liver for dinner on Christmas Eve and being told Father Christmas wasn’t coming if I didn’t eat it all up ... *wretches*

4 Who deserves a bio-pic, and who would play them?
I reckon The Alan McGee Story might be quite interesting, with Malcolm Middleton in the staring role.

5. True or false – Tom Waits?
False. No, true. Hang on, what was the question again?

DarceysDad said...

1. I'll have a think about my own, but a couple of vicarious ones do spring immediately to mind.
Personal: A friend (who shall remain nameless) had decided that parenthood was not for him. He got more and more stressed through his partner's accidental pregnancy, until, as soon as he had an empty house when she was taken into hospital with labour complications, he packed his bags, and wrote her a note to explain why he'd left. He went to the hospital to make sure she was OK, by which time his child had been born. In his own words - "I was persuaded to pick up this thing, this baby. [It] opened [its] eyes, looked at me, then snuggled into the crook of my arms. I put [it] down, went out to my car, cried, went home, tore up the note, and unpacked my bags." That family are still together, and doing fine, thank you very much.
Work: Manouevring pivot-steer / articulated FLTs (Bendis, Flexis) backwards around tight turns is notoriously difficult to get used to. When it clicks with trainees, it always gives me a buzz.

2. 'Separate' which I look up so often the dictionary falls open at that page. When typing, the number of times I miss the 'a' out of 'last' is ridiculous. The fact that it then looks like first adds insult to injury. Oh, and see 5.

3. Broth. My mam made a vile, fatty-water, chicken and rice one that put me off the concept for years.

4. Bill Shankly, of course. Can't think who should play him though.

5. See 2. Ton weights? You'll need a forklift truck for them, mate!

Chris said...

1(reprise). I'm sure Carole, TonNL and the other (ex-)IT folks will agree with me that there have many times when the solution to a systems/technical problem has arrived in the brain with a ping!
I once had to design a system to monitor and manage the stock and financial workings of a Scrap Metal re-cycling plant. Basically, they buy 'something' (not quite sure what) at a provisional price, sort it and mix various bits back together to make copper and other pure metal ingots. Everything (quantities, materials and prices) changes as it goes through processing. It was a real buzz when I worked it out and eventually got it in place.
4(reprise). I realise that Jeff Bridges is too old to play Garcia, unfortunately, but I can't think who the right person is. There's probably a 30-year-old Deadhead out there just waiting for the casting call. The end of the film (title: Captain Trips) is the comeback concert on 15th December 1986, opening with Touch Of Grey.

Makinavaja said...

1. Mentioned it before but suddenly just "knowing" how to use the subjunctive in Spanish was a defining moment.
If we can have "penny dropping" moments. I've only just realised after many years of seeing it that the squiggles and the arrow in The Carrefour logo are actually the outline of a big, fat letter "C". (I'm slow like that with logos: I still don't see the bat in the Prince soundtrack logo - more a weird teeth and lips combo!)
2. Ha! Ha! That one causes me problems too!. When I sold tractor equipment I had a mental block with the word "gauge".
3. Liver for me too. I actually like it now.
4. Can't think of anyone off the top of my head. maybe come back if anything comes to mind. Good question, btw.
5. Probably does. I know we had to wait years before he decided to come and play in Spain!

Abahachi said...

Just to say that I'm really sorry I can't think of any adequate responses to these rather wonderful questions; work and life somewhat stressful at present. I am enjoying reading the answers.

AliMunday said...

1, I'm with DsD, becoming a parent has to rate as one of the biggest Eureka moments - ahh, so that's what it's all about, is it? Bloody 'ell.

2. Strategy always types itself as startegy.

3. Errr ... no. Dad once made me horseradish and marmite sandwiches for school dinner (I was 6). I have no wish to re-visit them.

4. Rory Gallagher. Well, I had to say it. No idea who would play him.

5. Isn't it the other way round, i.e."Waiting for Tomot"? I'm sure that's a play ...

lambretinha said...

Gah, That pesky Carrefour logo! It took me 6 years to figure that one out, Maki! You're not alone...

ejay said...

1. I've had everyone of Maki's eureka moments, except the subjunctive I figured out was in Portuguese. Also there a few words in French where I suddenly decompose it and notice its root.

2. From always types itself as form. In terms of actual spelling, I have to check "personally", vynil and often stumble on independent (really, no A's in there?) and rhythm.

3. Scallops. My dad used to buy the frozen kind, which didn't look like much when it wasn't cooked and I was already a fussy eater.

4. Still waiting on the Miles biopic, I think Don Cheadle is already on that, but wondering if I wouldn't prefer a well made TV series that would last over 2 seasons maybe, because there's so much to tell, but also to examine.

5. He keeps it real, so prolly true, if you're worth it.

saneshane said...

5 Terry had to Waite but you filled your own tray in Toms Diner.

4 Mrs John Murphy she could be played by Eliza Dushku.

3 I've rehabilitated my childhood by moving to Norfolk.. we spent our holidays here visiting my Nan when I was little.. now turning a corner or a scent wafting around me .. knocks me straight back to being a kid again... it's smart!

2 I grew up on arable farms and took phone orders as a kid (I was 13 before anyone worked out I read in mirror image) .. deciphering the notes was always fun..
zix bosen rabbits was turned into a cartoon above the phone. 6 dozen radish wasn't so evil.

now - yot or indeed yacht is pure evil.. that's why I design, not rite.

1 when ever she was on shooting stars.

"up ya bum"

Tim (Kalyr) said...

1) Having been a computer programmer, Eureka moments are many, when you realise the reason your program doesn't work because you've been looking for the bug in the wrong piece of code.

2) I'm with Ejay here, I always get vinil and independunt rong.

3) I've recently started cooking an old recipe of my mum's that my brother used to call "Sausage Waste" - i.e a waste of perfectly good sausages. It's sausages swimming in a sauce made from cream of tomato soup, onions and apple. For some strange reason my brother hated it.

4) Not so much a real biopic, but I'd love to see Iain Banks' novel "Espedair Street" filmed. But as long as they don't do a High Fidelity and relocate it from Scotland to America.

As for real biopics, what about Ritchie Blackmore? Goes from 60s backing American rock'n'rollers and working for Joe Meek, the 70s/80s superstardom with Deep Purple, Rainbow, Deep Purple again, and his finally finding true love and hey-nonny-nonny in the 90s and 00s.

Spans such a long time period you'd probably need more than one actor to play him.

5) Only on Wednesdays, and Mondays during the school holidays.

steenbeck said...

Zix Bosen Rabbits is sooooooooo the name of my new band.

saneshane said...

as long as I design the sleeve you are welcome steen.

(although a really good prof reed ov writtan graffixs is neeeded)

barbryn said...

1. Making white sauce - add the milk really, really gradually. I'm sure there are some more significant ones than that.

2. I'm incapable of typing the word hygience - sorry, hygiene. I have no idea how that c always slips in there, or why I have to type the word hygience - hygiene - as often as I do.

I only discovered fairly recently that epitath isn't a word.

3. Nothing springs to mind. My mum used to tell us stories about being forced to eat liver in her childhood - we were spared it.

4. Nick Drake. Ben Whishaw. Seems so obvious I can't believe it's not already in production.

5. True - Stephen Stills him.

debbym said...

1. OK, this will give you something to smirk at. It is only very recently (certainly withín the past 6 months) that I've learned how to copy and paste... I will say in my defence that I knew how to change any text I'd written myself...

2. None (nun?)

3. No way, José! I've definitely improved with age and so has most of my world (apart from the having-to-come-up-with-the-rent -every-month bit)

4. Abahachi, played by Samuel Pepys and Lance Armstrong?

5. Winona Ryder

sonofwebcore said...

I had a eureka jobby today. Was researching a piece of work and as usual meandered into another place. Suddenly, I thought of a really obvious blockbuster movie that no-one has even hinted at before. Big dilemma. What to do!?

Calves liver is the king of offal.

TonNL said...

@Chris: my IT eureka moments do indeed come up at the most unexpected moments, that's why I always have a notebook & pen lying around near me, even at my bedside, some of my best ones have come up somewhere in the midst of the night, waking up with a brilliant idea,iF I don't write it down there and then I'm sure that next morning it will be gone.....

Blimpy said...

spill points to shane for the kim deal reference,

and more spill points to anyone that knew the nickname "do y'wanna ride-'er" - beck, dave pirner, et al i'm looking at youse....

Blimpy said...

over jeff bridges and up kirsty alley....

Shoey said...

John Peel - The Movie? Working title - Romancing The Pig.

Japanther said...

now, I would pay good money to see that Shoey! Goneforeign to play John Peel?

OK, answers:

!. plenty with learning Japanese, mostly when I realise the meaning of a difficult word that is made up of a combination simple kanji...Japanese is pretty logical but it takes a while for the penny to drop. Gotta mention my jazz Eureka moment as outlined in my jazz podcast about listening out for the individual instruments.

2. Ryhthm and neccessary!

3. Battenburg - I couldn't believ how bright it was from an adult perspective and it was way too rich for my palette nowadays.

4. Kathleen Hanna - don't know so many actresses to suggest who could play her...maybe Juliette Lewis?

5. Tom Waits is always true.

ToffeeBoy said...

1. No

2. Know

3. Never

4. Nevin (Pat)

5. Ben Folds ...

gremlinfc said...

1. Several - the earliest I can remember is when I suddenly realised how verb conjugation worked and i've never looked back since...another was actually at "Eureka" in Halifax with the kids when they were little and it dawned on me why I was so knackered.
2. Common mis-spellings:
* diarea
* acomodate
* recccommend
* exxaggeration
* dissapointment
3.I've never wanted to return to food I hated when I was a kid - the only exception ever has been tomatoes and I realised they are gorgeous...
4. Reckon it's time for a look at the life and times of PAUL ROBESON - to be played by Denzel Washington...
5. I think he does.
Also Orson welles up at sad fillums and Jeremy irons his pants...