Sunday, February 14, 2010

pssst - not on a Shhunday totally shoooober

Holding Out For A Hero *ta mnemonic for the heads up.. this and footloose are inspired - I need more and will go and purchase.

Kissing *'evening sun' is the more whispery- right shoey? this fits today!

Talking Drums Whispering Vinyl
Drop The Other (Scuba's Vulpine Remix)
Ghoul Expert

Consciousness (Ashley Beedle Mix)

Mad Man Song
Slow [Chemical Brothers Remix]
Enter One
Parallel Lines

spot the 4 ninja tunes game for nilpferd


nilpferd said...

Ooh, ninja tunes game!
From the titles, DJ Food's Consciousness and
Talking Drum's Whispering Vinyl from Keepintime- awesome tracks, those.
Without cheating I'd say Drop the other definitely has a NT sound. Not sure about No. 4 though.
Ah, looking at the artists it must be Fog, from the famed Saneshane ghosts mix.
I wouldn't have picked that without cheating, though. I put up RJD2's True Confessions on RR, none of the others occurred to me.

Like the Mad Man Song a lot, too.

saneshane said...

100 per cent correct.

you should be fine juggling building permit, Mara and colleagues away.

mad man is Cibelle & Spleen

drop the other is Emika.. fairly new- into the dubstep/burial soundscape.

confessions is a great track (should have been picked for a subject not that long ago- can't think what)
I have these two on my mix as well: Breathe (Susumu Yokota Remix)-The Cinematic Orchestra and
Morning Prayer- DJ Vadim

can't do a link at the moment (can't risk losing work)
but you do have them on You Don't Know: Ninja Cuts (Disc 3) and Cold Krush Cuts [Disc 2] I just didn't want to do too long a playlist this week!

ejay said...

Great list Shane, my fav was Drop The Other, bAAAAss

saneshane said...

smart isn't it ejay?
track list here:

Whisper-Pelle Carlberg

Breathe-Télépopmusik Feat. Angela McCluskey

Holding Out For A Hero- Doveman

Umbilical- Mazzy Star

Kissing- Bliss

Talking Drums Whispering Vinyl - The Quantic Soul Orchestra

Drop The Other (Scuba's Vulpine Remix)- Emika

Ghoul Expert- Fog

Take- Tunng

Consciousness (Ashley Beedle Mix) - DJ Food

Mad Man Song- Cibelle & Spleen

Slow [Chemical Brothers Remix] - Kylie Minogue

Enter One- Sol Seppy

Parallel Lines- Junior Boys

nilpferd said...

Speaking of drop the other, I was juggling away ok, then Mara threw in a carnival costume request for tomorrow's parade, and in the middle I think I did end up dropping something. (Got the costume done ok, but I did get a wee bit snarky with one of our subs from Rheinland- they basically don't go back to work until Wednesday because of Faschings parades.)
Breathe and Morning Prayer both fine tracks.

Makinavaja said...

Thanks, Shane. Another great playlist. Another happy Monday evening!

Shoegazer said...

Not quite there with the Kylie (although the chemicals helped - don't they always). Agree you can never go wrong with Ninja Tunes. Loved the Mad Max/Tina cover. When do we get Mad Max 4? & why does Mel always appear in movies where he loses his wife/best friend/son/daughter?(ref. Mad Max (all), Braveheart (wife), Patriot (son), Edge Of Darkness (daughter))?

Great art too!!

disguised sane said...

'Agree you can never go wrong with Ninja Tunes' I'd add the word 'compilations' to that statement as I've never found one that isn't top drawer... but..(he whispers quietly) some of the full band/dj albums can be ... ummm shall we say.. be selective in the tracks you choose to listen to.. ..
it's ok, no one reads this far..
did I get away with it?

cheers for the listen Maki..
and thanks for the art comment shoey - (most is back to hand done stuff as the computer is knackered.. which is weird, after two years of mucking around with virtual scalpels... it survived long enough to use a spill monster still, and twist it!

barbryn said...

I don't always comment on your playlists shane, but I do make a point of listening to them.

As ever, I feel humbled and a little depressed - SO MUCH WONDERFUL MUSIC that I'm never going to listen to as much as I'd like to. On this and pretty much every playlists, there are several tunes that, a few years ago, I'd have gone out and bought the album on the strength of (Pelle Carlberg, Tunng, Sol Seppy for starters...).

Not meaning to sound ungrateful or anything...

nilpferd said...

I'd second the Ninja Tunes evaluation.. the comps are almost universally excellent, but I'd be hard pressed to name more than about ten really essential single artist productions out of the ones I've heard/owned.

saneshane said...


normally I'd send you a big fat sane mix (the same goes for maki) but I have a cd stuck in my computer, and however much I dismantle it - it's staying put - so at the moment, even my ms. didn't get the usual compilation for our anniversary!

..I like them so much I've pre-ordered their new record- it comes with a dvd of them and Tinariwen live..
..unique really, very odd lyrics on their albums if you listen closely.

Pelle Carlberg is a good fella according to my mates (he stayed at their flat when they got him to play) Scandinavia is a good source for this kind of thing... I think he self releases albums now.

Sol Seppy
The Bells Of 1 2 is a great album.. I was lucky enough to pick it up for 50p at Oxfam - I'd already spent £8 on other tunes.

I find getting the library to get the cds in is the best bet (if you live close enough to one...) If I'm a bit daunted/skint! or if I can't be arsed to transfer an old record-they take the risk for me.. most are pretty cheap for a weeks hire.

Pre-kid I would buy anything.. not allowed anymore!

saneshane said...

there's a few extra songs in dropbox from those three to give you a taste: pssst tunes extra.
if you can get it!

UTTERLY gobsmacked DsD said...

I have to own up, Shane, most of this left me cold, particularly the Chemicals/Kylie.

BUT ...

Oh BOY, am I glad I let it all play through. The Sol Seppy has just stopped me dead in my tracks: I'm not kidding, I found myself holding my breath til I went faint, and there's definitely a tear in my eye. Who dat? How much is there? Is that typical?

It's indescribably beautiful.

I want to know more! I'll be off to interrogate YouTube/MySpace/allmusic as soon as I can stop myself repeating Enter One.

saneshane said...


can you access the pssst tunes file in dropbox:
Answer To The Name Of
Enter One
Slo Fuzz
1 2

should give you an idea of what she's like. (pelle carlberg and tunng are in the file too, but you don't need all of it)

(it is also on a cd for you that I should have sent before we got this house - where it is is beyond me)

DarceysDad said...

Got 'em, Shane; ta. Will queue them up as soon as I've finished Tin's new earworms.

barbryn said...

Huge thanks shane.

Sol Seppy's album is on emusic - I'll definitely be downloading it.

I remember you posting Perle Carlberg before. Sweden really must be paradise on Earth... all clean air, saunas, statuesque blondes, social democracy and slightly fey indie music.

barbryn said...

A song slagging off Ryanair! That definitely needed writing. Brilliant.

saneshane said...

"Sweden really must be paradise on Earth... all clean air, saunas, statuesque blondes, social democracy and slightly fey indie music" that why the kids rebel by dying their hair black, forming death metal bands and moving to Norway.

I'm on a search for Sparklehorse - 'babies on the sun' and 'king of nail' sol seppy is on both I'm informed.