Monday, February 22, 2010

Loft Classics #6: "She Cries Your Name"

This was bedding a tv show just now, I can't seem to find my cd, thus making this a LOFT CLASSIC!
This is probs Beth's most recognisable song, first released in 1996, and other than the accompanying "Trailer Park" lp and guest spots with the Chemical Brothers - she's pretty much fallen off my radar these days.


bishbosh said...

Argh, that reminds me: meant to nom Concrete Sky this weekend and then it slipped my mind. Not that it would have been listed, but this bit makes it on-topic(ish):

Save my soul, I'll save some of you
Hold my soul, feel like I'm falling, feel like I'm falling
And there's a concrete sky
Falling from the trees again...

Oh yeah, great song Blimps.

Blimpy said...

@bishbosh - i'm listening to concrete sky right now!

Shoegazer said...

Have a good but overlong remix of central reservation & liked the stuff she did with Orbit. Great voice.

bishbosh said...

Concrete Sky definitely my fave of hers. Has a warmth to it that a lot of her stuff seems (to me) to lack. Liked some of the stuff she did with Terry Callier too - esp Lean On Me, which was lovely lovely lovely.

Mnemonic said...

She's doing a lot with Sam Amidon at the moment, too.

オテモヤン said...


Japanther said...

thanks for the heads up Otemoyaso!

This is great Blimpy, i've always meant to get a Beth Orton LP, but somehow never got round to it.....will keep 'em peeled for a cheap one after being reminded of this....

Japanther said...

i think i missed Loft Classics #2-#5 though...!

barbryn said...

This was the song that kept coming into my head for this week's topic, but apart from starting with the word "falling", I didn't think it did quite enough to qualify. Love it though.

I have her first three albums, and the first two in particular have some sublime moments - but I thought she never quite lived up to her potential - that folk-trip-hop (or whatever) crossover only comes off on a few tracks.

Listened to her latest album on Spotify recently and liked it a lot though - more stripped down with rougher edges.

Shoegazer said...

Beth, stripped down - sign me up!

Blimpy said...

@japanther, shame you missed loft classics 2-5 cos they featured some amazing music from the likes of Delakota, These Animal Men, Scarce, and Elian Manlove & The Heavenly Addiction.

Japanther said...

ahh..gutted!Delakota and TAM are definitely Loft classics for me too, I haven't heard of the others but they sound good!