Friday, October 3, 2008

An Elephant never forgets

my sons wall... graffiti inspired by Yo La Tengo 'How to make a baby elephant float' Teach it to surf, obviously... while I remember, some songs...

De Rosa start bitterly.
"Moments for disconnecting memory. On recollection it's something greater than shifting glances and criticism."

The Organ fills with longing.
"oh, darkness filled the sky as pools of water filled your eyes they sparkled like phosphorescence in the bay although our lips barely touched I have never felt so much and I’d really like to feel that way again oh , oh , when ?"

Buck 65 Roses & Blue Jays
Okay it doesn’t fit memory for any body else.. self indulgence keeps it in.
"I'm a lot like my dad
I would have to say
He's been wearing a beard ever since mum passed away
She would'a hated it"

Luna Superfreaky Memories
a lovely wobbly lyric makes me smile
“With a giggle and a stare and a bottle and a cork”
welcome to Friday and Saturday night on the‘spill.

Brakes ‘No Return’
As a constant compiler of mix tapes and now cd-rs this just gets to me, my covers and choice of songs sound tracking my life… most beautiful.

Broadway Project ‘Sufi’ - The Soulsavers Remix
I only know of this because of Soulsavers
A little bit of loveliness.

Of Montreal The Past Is A Grotesque Animal
I like this and it ooooooooohhhsss for quite some time, see what you think.
“The past is a grotesque animal
And in its eyes you see
How completely wrong you can be
How completely wrong you can be

The sun is out, it melts the snow that fell yesterday
Makes you wonder why it bothered”

My Computer The Boy I Used To Be
My nominations were coming thick and fast from others before I had the chance
so thanks for the tip Garath and steen.
I missed out a whole host of others and haven’t kept in the parameters.. step forward Buck 65.
But I like these and that is all that matters over here.
De Rosa 'on recollection'
The Organ 'Memorize the city'
Buck 65 'Roses and Bluejays'
Luna 'Superfreaky Memories'
Brakes 'No Return'
Broadway Project 'Sufi'
Of Montreal 'The past is a grotesque animal'
My Computer 'The Boy I used to be'


Japanther said...

really liked the Brakes track Shane....I nearly bought one of their albums yesterday...but went for some similarly priced 80's thrash metal instead (Exodus if you're interested, one of the best but underrated of the good-time-party-thrash-but-with-serious-lyrics thrash bands of the 80's)....Brakes will have to wait until next time.....I think my vinyl only policy is going to have to be broken sometime soon as the 'Spill is supplying too many ideas for my bank balance to keep up with...

Japanther said...

Ohh...loved the Of Montreal and My Computer tunes too....epic!

Of Montreal are another band who I read good reviews of when their last album came out, but there was always something more pressing I had to buy..

Shoegazer said...

Another great playlist Shane, Buck 65, Luna, Of Montreal & My Computer were especially fine, I thought. Cheers.

saneshane said...

hey ya cheers for listening...
Brakes are great (BrakesBrakesBrakes in america) make sure you get 'give blood' or 'the beatific vision' on vinyl.. Bliss.. if your idea of bliss is short sharp noise quiet noise to quote comma comma full stop.

I missed them live and I was sat across the road when I first moved here... yes I'm still gutted.

My Computer are epic in a great chuck it all in and see if it sticks way.. but an idiot name to find out what they do.. typing in my computer, they won't be first on any search will they?

Never had a " vinyl only policy" just because the best shop here adds extra for buying with cash card or credit cards (idiots really as I can't carry cash while working, but scan and buy impulsively) but a blessing for the ms and son who would be stumbling around piles of records even more than they already do.
It may be time to convert the loft into a listening bolt whole!

And for a weird reason the mention of Exodus bought a vision of silent Bob into into my head..