Thursday, October 2, 2008

Radio Shoe (Covers Edition)

Inspired by Sour P. and T. Boy (these are your new hip-hop names by the way), Radio Shoe proudly presents the covers edition. 

And there is a quiz (a la Proudfoot). Name the tune, original artist and cover artist (1 point each). Enjoy.

Ride On - Little Axe (Leadbelly)
Stoned Immaculate - Dub Syndicate (The Doors)
Goldfinger - Magazine (Shirley Bassey)
The Tide Is High - Jack Norton (The Paragons)
Human Behaviour - Decemberists (Bjork)
Can't Get Used To Losing You - Renegade Soundwave (Andy Williams)
I Can't Get Next To You - Thee More Shallows (Temptations)
Stormy Weather - Fats Comet/Tackhead (Ethel Waters)
Fatal Attraction (I Feel Love) - Mark Stewart (Donna Summer)
Ca Plane Pour Moi - Sonic Youth (Plastic Bertrand)


ToffeeBoy said...

Yo! T. Boy in the house - a big shout out to all my homies. Respect.

Great list shoey - I know most of the originals but I have to confess to a 100% failure rate on identifying the cover artists. Love The Tide Is High and Human Behaviour but not a clue whoit is doing them. Looking forward to finding out...

GarethI said...

I'm enjoying this one a lot, Mr Shoe.

2. The Supremes for the original
3. Shirley Bassey for the original
5. Björk did the original, and that sounds like Placebo doing the cover.
7. Sly and the Family Stone for the original – Sparklehorse, perhaps, for the cover version?
9. Taja Sevelle for the original, but no idea on the cover, which is a beaut.
10. Plastique Bertrand for the original – the “1, 2, 3, 4” made me expect the Ramones but after listening to it, I don't think it is

sourpus said...

Yo, check it. Pussy-boy Sour P, coming at you, on the Spill B.

Di Man and his hoes got de best of ma time right now, so I will check ya'll laterz.

Touch. Long time.

TracyK said...

6 is a version of Can't Get Used To Losing You by Andy Williams, though I know it better by The Beat. No idea who is doing it, appealling voice though.

ejaydee said...

1 is Right On by Clarence Wheeler. Actually I'm not sure Wheeler's isn't a cover itself

ejaydee said...

Is 3 covered by Magazine?

ejaydee said...

I have a feeling 7 is by someone DsD put on one of his social CDs. The original is by Al Green isn't it? Or was it The Temptations.

ejaydee said...

That was I Can't Get Next To You.
8 is Stormy Weather, hard to tell who did the first version though, I have Lena Horne or The Spaniels.
Is 9 The Batdance? From Prince covered by Yello? No it's I Feel Love! I have no idea.

saneshane said...

afternoon.. would you like me to help with Dub Syndicates not quite a cover of Jim Morrison (The Doors) 'Stoned Immaculate' it's still his vocal innit?

will listen to the rest.. now

saneshane said...

the Decemberists for bjork
the Paragons original ' tide is high' can't get this version.

The Beat (?) tho it's not my version of 'can't get used to losing you' has it been modernised? tough one.

is 9 one of Liabachs sympathy for the devils (rolling stones) they did about ten?

feck that's hard!

DaddyPig said...

Department of Cloth-Eared Guessing:

No. 1 sounds like Dr John.

"The Tide Is High" singer sounds a bit like Bob Dylan but possibly not quite. Is it his boy Jacob ?

saneshane said...

whoops 9 isn't that!
I got this song some where.. what on earth.. I'm supposed to be working

and is that indeed Tackheads version of stormy weather.. I'm listening to a live version of the tackhead version in a pub in Hatford on the tackhead site cool!

work.. oh ya!

.. right another site then work.

Anonymous said...

sonic youth

saneshane said...

Mark Stewart Fatal attraction... been doing my head in ..
I copied a vinyl of 'International collection mute' a few weeks ago..
it's on there... you are now officially a pest for doing my brain in all afternoon while I was s'posed to work.

good track.. the album also has Laibach on 10.5.1941 tho and wire 'drill' fortran5 'crazy earth AC Marias, nick cave, crime and the city solution, etc...

blimpy said...

that was me wot sed sonic youth by the way. i love that version.

Nikki said...

(i'm now listening to the tracks)

1. sounds like alabama 3

and that's all i got!!

i love this concept by the way!

Nikki said...

that last post was me, blimpy. as is this one. i really should go get my ibook from upstairs!!

Shoey said...

Good work collective Spill brain. Let me know if you want clues for the last few?

@Shane, the AC Marias album is wonderful.

@DaddyP, interesting guess, but that one is the hardest of all, so don't feel bad for missing.

ejaydee said...

But I'm pretty sure the first song is called Right On
I have proof!

Shoey said...

Sorry Ejay, on the mobile, so can't check your link, but you have 3 letters wrong.

saneshane said...

eh.. is it ac/dc ride on (is Dsd back yet?)

saneshane said...

nope give up...
donna summer for the original (did she?) i feel love.

Shoey said...

It is "Ride On" but not AC/DC.

Shoegazer said...

Some clues then:

#1 Blues knowledge needed for the original, and you could say it's heavy metal - but not AC/DC. Cover is a group name but the singer/guitarist on the cover also played on #'s 2 & 8. Any On-U Sound fans around?

#4 Is very obscure, but John Peel did play it. Googling is allowed for this one - even then you may not find it.

#6 is a band I've spilled before. Four albums on Mute records, but no longer recording, as far as I know, anyway.

#7 I've Spilled thee's before, from San Francisco & still going strong.

#8 Lena Horne did an early cover version in 1941, but the original artist recorded it in 1933. Didn't know this one either until I looked it up. Initials are E.W.

Thanks all for playing - hope you found something you liked.

saneshane said...

Gary Clail is all I can think of, all my on-u sound system records have gone 'missing' in various moves.. my mix tape says fight on / ride on Little axe.
Can't play it to make sure as the tapes are snapping.

(this converting hard to fine tracks will take an age)

and why haven't I got a stuff pinched from shoey file set up yet on itunes?

work to be done.. really there is.. (and today I'm going to do it)

Shoegazer said...

Shane you got it - Little Axe. Sounds like you found a different version, take care of that tape.

Shoegazer said...

Answers all revealed now, thanks again all for playing.