Friday, June 5, 2009

On the Town

All the Way From East St. Louis
Avalon Blues
I'm Going to Brownsville
Statesbpro Blues
Kingsport Town
The Day We Went to Rothesay, O
Streets of Laredo
Harper Valley PTA
Phoenix City
Funky Kingston
Trench Town
Monday Morning in Lagos
Trenton Where we Live
Long Island Degrees
Wonce Again Long Island


debbym said...

This is the home of Stephanie Plum?

tincanman said...

You mean Steenbeck is only a nom de plum?

nilpferd said...

Funky Kingston!!!

I'll take a Red Stripe and today's Daily Gleaner, please..

ejaydee said...

Is there a better intro to a song than Funky Kingston?

ejaydee said...

Which album is Wonce Again Long Island from?

steenbeck said...

It's from Stakes is High. The whole album is good. One of my favorite tracks, Big Brother Beat is very very early Mos Def. And Common's on there too. I can dropbox the album, if you'd like.

ejaydee said...

Ah, see I thought LI Degrees sounded like it was from Stakes Is High, so what album is that one from is my new question? No need to dbox it, I have it here on CD somewhere.

steenbeck said...

They're both from Stakes is High! This must have been their coming-to-terms-with-being-from-long-island phase after their hippy phase and their jaded phase.

And yes, DebbyM, sorry not to respond sooner, this is the home of Stephanie Plum. Although anybody from Trenton will tell you that she gets it very wrong.