Friday, September 5, 2008

Ancient Historians !

gordonimmel & DarceysDad discuss whether a ( leaky and ) old Yorkshire mill is a cooler mini-RR-social venue than ejaydee & steenbeck's New York City meet.

Whilst watching our girls run themselves ragged at DarceysSis' birthday party today, we mused on some Historical Events. Apart from agreeing that Smoke On The Water should be a shoo-in this week, the only other concensus we reached was that WW3 will start on-line if Abahachi and richardrj ever find themselves on opposite sides of a definition disagreement (sorry you two!)
Unfortunately we were then distracted by the call for the kids to sit down for the party food. Screams, roars, giggles and cries of "MMUU-U-U-U-MMMM!" gave way to the contented quiet of two dozen 2to9y.o.s tucking in to chips & reformed-abbatoir-sweepings. The staff put on the CD player, and the first song my daughter thus got at her party was . . . Amy's Rehab!!!! . WTF?
Anyway, I'm actually here to post some of the songs which came to mind last night, particularly as I'm struggling to convince even myself that they are worthy of broadsheet archives.

Willard Grant Conspiracy - From A Distant Shore
Rickie Lee Jones - I Was There
Calexico - All Systems Red
Drive-By Truckers - The President's Penis Is Missing
The Sundays - Monochrome

Edit update: I've just realised I must have posted this thread as soon as I loaded the pic, but before I wrote the text & added the tunes! It was (a) accidental, and (b) exacerbated by the fact it took me three goes and an hour-plus to get Boxstr to behave - apologies everyone.


Blimpy said...

Is this a caption competition type post?

Frogprincess said...

Darce and Gordon in da house!! Yeyyyy!

Blimpy said...

gordon! what's in your pocket??! is it a list?!!

Frogprincess said...

And Darce has had the presence of mind to put HIS list not quite out of shot on the table behind him. Nice try.

Blimpy said...

There is, however, a list on the wall behind them, of which only a couple of points are visible. Number One, which is out of view, says: "No Smoking (On The Water)"

Blimpy said...

Number Two: "You're going on after Crispy Ambulance"

DarceysDad said...

Cheers and goodnight you two!!

@ anyone interested in the music - as ever, I still haven't figured out why I can't convert some of my .wma files to .mp3

The Sundays track may not play automatically, but you can save it and then play the saved file.

steenbeck said...

Ahh, I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!!! It's still Friday over here. So, you two have daughters of nearly the same age, and they're friends, and they're named Tess and Jess? Beautiful!!

Wish I could have been there!

Just so they can start fighting over future husbands, let them know that our Malcolm, who is now 6, could ride a 2-wheeler without training wheels when he was 3.

DarceysDad said...

A boy with skills, huh?

Jess can't ride yet because of a lack of practice area - you should see the slope on our lane.

We've just got the DVD of her second stage show, though, so a career "on the boards" may be worth an early bet!

gordonimmel said...

Not a list in my pocket, just the Party invite to prove I had a right to be there and wouldn't be unceremoniously chucked out!
My daughter is actually about 18 months younger than DsD's, which was very useful for getting second hand clothes when she was younger (thanks again Darceysdad)
Oh and tessimmel has been riding on two wheels for about a year now (since she was 4 1/2). We have a nice flat lane out the back of our house. We went out on our bikes along a popular cycle way near here on Monday, managed a few miles but still managed to stop enough times to gorge ourselves on the abundant wild blackberries and fill a carton to bring home with us.

Blimpy said...

i've dl'ed the wgc song, and will report back once i've had a good listen, always meant to check them out.

Shoegazer said...

Darc. I put a quick how-to post to convert wma files last time you put some songs up a few weeks back.

DarceysDad said...

@ Blimpy - If I get a chance I'll add a WGC compilation to the stuff I still haven't posted to you.

@ Shoegazer - Yeah, I know. Thanks'n'all, but the short version of a long story is I'm not going to register on iTunes. I've got some other instructions from (I think originally) nilpferd, but it just won't work on some files.

shoey said...

Then the only other way I know of is to change your WMP import setting to mp3. Any existing Wma files you want to convert could be burned to a reusable cd & reimported. Even that may not work.

A lot of hoops to jump through when the iTunes player is free, & can import & convert wma files in seconds (you don't have to activate the store) & has much better features such as smart playlists.

Shoegazer said...

Fine playlist, even enjoyed the president's penis. Hmm, that didn't read back too well.