Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Radio Shoe (Dub Version)


Adam & Eve - Dub Syndicate
The Man Who Wouldn't Let Wax Wane - Renegade Soundwave
Oh Me Oh Dub - Lee "Scratch" Perry
Hymn - African Head Charge
Selassi I Continually - Disrupt
Looks Like We're Shy One Horse-Shootout - Colourbox
Translation DUB - Twinkle Brothers & the Trebunia Family Band
A Piece Of The Earth - Adrian Sherwood w/Little Roy
Ordinary Version Chapter 3 - ET & Randy's All stars
The Lindbergh Palace (Dub) - The Killers
Echomania - Dub Syndicate


DaddyPig said...

This reminds me of living in Chapeltown when I first moved to Leeds 14 years ago. The first hot day in summer and the stacks of speakers would appear on street corners and the music would carry on late into the evening.

Is there meant to be a tune or playlist with this, I can't see one ?

And I hope we'll see you on RR next week, I think the technical people are genuinely aiming to improve things and working hard, and it's having some unintended consequences.

Shoey said...

If you hit the little play buttons DP, you should get some tunes - but it's a radio show so you don't know what you're getting until you get it (big hint in the pic though).

Not going to post this week, unless there are major developments.

DaddyPig said...

Aha ! On my screen, the 'Play' buttons are almost hidden by the picture, but I can just click on the edge. This is very mellow dub, just what's needed after a fractious weekend on RR. If I close my eyes I could be back in Chapeltown in the hot summer of 1995. I don't recognise any of the artists though, my dub education doesn't go that far.

I expect I'll post less on RR purely because I can't manage on less sleep... I'd spend longer if I were to post the same as before, unless / until things improve.

I'll come and see what everyone's up to over here though.

steenbeck said...

Listened and liked, Shoegazer. I don't think I recognized any. I did a dub post a while back, but I don't remember when exactly...wait, here it is...
Before your time, I think.

DarceysDad said...

Tut tut, Shoegazer. I thought you'd promised not to make me read vertically-squeezed text again?!

I've only twigged that there are any Play buttons after DP's comment.

If I wasn't so chilled out by the selection I might get a tad tetchy ... again!

goneforeign said...

Shoe: I got a CD in the post yesterday from a mate at the record company, I haven't played it yet. It's 'Dub Specialist' which was Clement Dodd's nickname. It's all things that were recorded at Studio 1. Dubs from cuts by Cornell Campbell, Heptones, Delroy Wilson, Horace Andy, Alton Ellis, Jackie Mittoo et al.
That picture reminds me of one I used to have pinned on my wall, it was of the Dead's 1 million watts per channel speaker and amp stack, I also had the tech specs but I've misplaced that sheet.

Shoey said...

Glad everyone's enjoying, will stick the names up & yes, DsD, I'll fix the picture.

@Steenbeck,thanks for the link, will check it out. Surprised they are still up, I get paranoid about leaving songs up too long as a free for all for any strangers on the web. Feel confident that 'Spillers & RR regulars will always buy more of something they find & like. Not a valid defense against rights of artists, I know, but it's a compromise that works for me.

@GF That sounds very cool, big fan of Horace Andy in particular. Was quite excited to find recently what is supposedly a Bob Marley Black Ark session from '77. - couple of new (to me) songs with dub versions. Do you know anything about these?


goneforeign said...

Shoe: No I hadn't heard of that but if you find 'em, post 'em.

Shoegazer said...

Steen checked out your link, but there weren't many tracks left. Always good to hear LKJ though.

GF, Couldn't find your e-mail so will stick Boxtr links for that Marley session here for you & any one else that wants em - just paste in your browser. The tracks are "I Know a Place" & "Who Colt the Game? + Dub versions:

goneforeign said...

Shoe; I have both of those but I hadn't heard of the Black Ark connection, I had thought the 'the game' was an early piece, very pre Island, but I'll check further. Thanks for the info.

Shoey said...

GF Think it must be a session from the early 70's, but it is most certainly Mr. Perry at the controls - nobody else can produce that sound.