Sunday, September 14, 2008

Revenge of the Nerd

"Cos I've found another girl

And she's cuter and younger than you ever were

And she could kick your arse if you fuck with her

And she's good in bed and she calls me sir"

'Another Girl' Jack and Jeffrey Lewis

The Walkmen 'Revenge wears no wristwatch'
Martina Topley-Bird 'I Wanna Be There'
Stan Ridgeway 'Bing Can't Walk'
Emiliana Torrini 'Gun'
Tinariwen 'Chatma'
Dub Pistols Feat. Terry Hall 'Problem Is'
Liz Phair 'Flower'
Lo-fidelity allstars 'Kasparov's Revenge'
Hot Chip 'The Warning'
I could do with justifying some of this and possibly will on RR if I get the chance.. but enjoy any way.


steenbeck said...

Got mostly through and then boxstr gave up on me. I liked the Tinariwen and the Dub Pistols, so far.

saneshane said...

sorry 'bout that steen bandwidth has gone..
posted this at the same time as snadfrod last night but decided to delay it so not so many songs would be new up at the same time.
Timed it to post when my bandwidth was refreshed.. didn't last long did it.. has everyone been over here instead of RR.. because they've had a fare few plays.
(would go pro but they froze my first account)

Proudfoot said...

Grrr. Really wanted to hear 'Kasparov's Revenge'. Over to LastFM I suppose.

Shoegazer said...

Think I'm falling in love with Emiliana - cuter & less weird than Bjork. Good call on dub Pistols too. Still not quite there with Hot Chip, but working on it.

saneshane said...

Loved Emiliana since Gus Gus..
Maddy gave the album 3 stars, if you like 'love in the time of science' you'll like this new one.. I do think the ballads are there for those who know her from that Lord of the Rings film soundtrack. (Chemical Brothers remix of Kylies 'Slow' that Emiliana wrote is cool too)

Oh well, I want the weirder stuff and that brings me to Bjork.. she is still ace, doing what the hell she likes.. in my book a Great thing.
But yeah often unlistenable to those not already huge fans.. gave up after the first Sugarcubes album trying to convert people.. she's the ultimate marmite.

I enjoy Hot Chip, maybe too surface no substance is the problem.. I've a big chunk of bubblegum for them anyhow..

..anyone fallowing the Bhundu boys post from GF can get a taste of Tinariwen at track 5 here by the way.. forgot I put this up. Few, my taste in music just saved!

saneshane said...

Emiliana Torrini 'gun' is also caning my boxstr bandwidth.. so get it while you can.. I'm going to hide it later after jumping around the living room for a few hours with my son to the Bhundu Boys.