Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Guilty Pleasure

I was just listening to Johnny Walker on Radio 2 while making some onion bhajis for tonight's curry and he played this.

I have to say that I love this song, even though it is a bit of a guilty pleasure.

It is a wonderful piece of pure pop, the structure is great and it has those aspirational but empty words that just work.

Oh yeah and it has a really ace, if far too short, guitar break, the kind of thing I'd love to play on stage in my dreams. I can just imagine stepping forward, stomping on the pedal and giving it some.

Speaking of great guitar breaks, this song has one of the best, I'd definitely love to play this on stage.


ToffeeBoy said...

@ carolebristol - what's to be guilty about? Two quality pop songs. Thanks for sharing...

gordonimmel said...

I absolutely love Jackson Browne's 'Doctor My Eyes' and was disappointed it didn't make the 'Eyes' list recently. And that guitar break is great mainly for it's hesitant start

DarceysDad said...

Gordon? What on earth are you doing here? Why aren't you in front of MotD2 basking in the glory of a 6-0 win?!

And Carole, PLEASE don't start me on unexpectedly glorious guitar breaks in pop songs: I've got too much work (& 'Spill stuff) to do already tonight ... which is why I'm not in front of MotD2 etc etc

ejaydee said...

They were only showing crap teams until now.