Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fab song from fab, fab, fab new album

I'm sure there's lots of you out there who for years have been wondering ''I wonder how great Springsteen would be if Joe Strummer was in the E Street Band.'' Well it probably would sound something like this: The Backseat from Gaslight Anthem's terrific (and I mean terrific) new album The 59 Sound.


Anonymous said...

Good work tincanman - I have been banging on about these to anyone who would listen for the past 12 months. I managed to get 3 mates to go to Amsterdam to see them in July and they didn't disappoint. The first LP (Sink or Swim) is just as good if not better as it has a bit more light and shade. Live they tend to put old soul covers at the beginning of songs - Marvin, Otis, Sam et al and it works. They really enjoy themselves onstage and have a big future head of them. Spread the word. JimCraggs.

tincanman said...

I'd like to see them headline Glastonbury this year.
(or the Hold Steady, but as much as I like them - and I really really like them - how many songs you want about getting wasted at a party?)

Blimpy said...

I like 'em when they come on my ipod, but the songs never pop into my head at any other times.