Saturday, September 27, 2008

Did you know that a Steenbeck is a machine?

John Henry
John Henry
John Henry
John Henry
Ring ring RIng Ha Ha Hey--De La Soul
Flutey Ring ring ring remix
Paranoid Android--Easy Star All Stars
Fitter Happier--Easy Star All Stars
The Way You Move--Big Boi
Synthesizer--Outkast ft. George Clinton
Synthetic Substitution--Melvin Bliss
22nd Century--Nina Simone
Daydreaming--Lupe Fiasco

My ever-expanding 'Spill list continues...
All Pete Rock...(all the time)
Tru Master
The Best Secret
#1 Soul Brother (My pick as best for this subject)
Don't Be Mad

And Jean Redpath...
Tae the Weavers


Frogprincess said...

Off out for dinner Steenbeck but I promise you a post anon.

Tatanka Yotanka said...

I come from haunts of coot and hern,
I make a sudden sally,
And sparkle out among the fern,
To bicker down a valley.

teensbeck ran out of bandwidth it seems .. can't access the tunes ... however ...

My 18 year old son nicked my copy of OK Computer when he was 14. Last weekend he was playing me the Easy All Stars version when we were in the truck and said, "Dad, I'll give you that CD back, this makes so much more sense." Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings ... etc ... Just back from seeing Mama Mia with convalescent wife ... meant to be a cheery experience ... how could they get Abba so wrong ... unless Abba need the money? Those Russian potatoes can't have run out already?

Tatanka Yotanka said...

Mama Mia The Movie that was ... the stage show may be a different kettle of pish for all I know.

Blimpy said...

I knew!! I knew!!!!

glasshalfempty said...

I knew too, but only because Steen told us in the thread about our noms de blog.

Any chance you could reset your Boxstr bandwidth, Steen?

Tatanka Yotanka said...

I've been going with the bucolic rather than mechanic interpretation of your moniker ... but, frame by frame, we learn something every day.

Frogprincess said...

That photo gave me happy memories of synching up the rushes of my one and only student film. Such a clunky, temperamental machine and yet it's the first time you actually see your footage with the sound, right? So it's really a magic box. Definitively one of my favourite machines...

goneforeign said...

FP: If you think that a Steenbeck is/was a clunky machine you should spend some time on an upright Movieola which is what I edited my first film on and felt privileged to have access to, without that it would have been rewinds on a bench and razor blades. The Movieola had a 4" screen and a single audio track, all film and magstock spilled into a large bin, it could easily hold a thousand feet of each.
Both Steenbeckes and Kem's, which is what I ultimately had, were considered 'state of the art', mine had 8 plates which meant any combination of four tracks, 1 picture, 3 sound etc. I also had mine modified to be able to do fairly decent sound mixes on it. Until the advent of computerised editing everything was edited on those machines, every movie or TV program that you've seen from the 60's-80's.
When I first discovered RR and saw Steens nom de plume I knew immediately what it meant and was tempted to take 'Kem' as mine.

steenbeck said...

Goneforeign--I edited MY first feature on a moviola!

Tatanka Yotanka, what is the bucolic interpretation of Steenbeck, and where is that verse from, and finally, what does tatanka yotanka mean?

And I don't know how to increase bandwidth. If I delete some of the older songs that have hundreds of plays (how did that happen, anyway?) would that help?

Mnemonic said...

I think Tatanka Yotanka is the real name of Sitting Bull. (Yes, I watch too many Clint Eastwood films)

Frogprincess said...

Oh I thought it was Kevin Costner's indian name in 'Dances with wolves'...

Frogprincess said...

GF: Spielberg uses only Moviolas. He swears by them and has bought up every one he can find for spare parts...I find that very touching...

Blimpy said...

@steen, if you delete some of your older songs on boxstr, it won't increase your bandwidth, but it might stop it being used up so swiftly. i have one song on mine that's been played/downloaded 1345 times!

remember i had to "go pro" back around the time of the blimpcast, i payed £12 for a year's worth of high bandwidth (i was a bit tipsy at the time, and it was very easy to press the paypal button to allow me to inflict the blimpcast on unsuspecting spillers)

Tatanka Yotanka said...

My dyslexic visualisation .
Teens Beck - The Youthful Spring
The verse is Tennyson's 'The Brook' (or 'Beck' once you're north of Nottingham).

TatankaYotanka lives in my kitchen and elbowed his way in to my cyber life. Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee ... and Put That Burnt Toast In The Bin ;-)

saneshane said...

With your older songs In ‘My Files’ go to
My Documents (Edit) No Description

Check/tick the files you want to hide Click on edit and set the files as Private, then if you want to open them up again they are still uploaded. This saves bandwidth being eaten up… hip hop is eaten up by ‘outsiders’ the ‘spill lot have a listen comment then leave it at that mostly on my rap posts (sweeping brush get put away)

Do you use the Boxstr desktop to upload if.. so bottom left corner says:

Uploaded today:
0.0 KB
Upload limit:
50.0 MB

I put in the tracks I want (usually 9 songs) press upload it’ll give you the time it’ll take 49minutes remaining and
48.2 that’s the crucial bit.. over 50 in one 24 hour period and you’re past your daily limit.. and it stops us listening.
Finding new great songs has to wait…

I think you know most of that (and I could be wrong ‘cos I’m not technical) but it is what I’ve noticed.. basically I think your uploading too many songs in one go.. 9 is my limit in 24hrs unless they are all short.

and for people new to the joys of boxstr the other thing is it doesn't always reset:

If you go to:
Home: Dashboard
It will usually say:
Want the basics right from your desktop? Download BOXSTr Desktop V. 1.3.0!
But sometimes it hasn’t atomatically updated the bandwidth and it’ll say ‘click here’ do so if it does say that.

Does that help? Is that correct tech people?

nilpferd said...

That's a useful tip, shane.. I've just hibernated Freedom Jazz Dance and Milestones, which were getting a caning, as I suspect all 'Spillers who wanted to have heard them.. if not, just let me know..

steenbeck said...

Thanks, Saneshane, I didn't know ANY of that. I'll clean up my account. Sigh...too many songs, again.