Friday, September 26, 2008

We're Computerizing and We Just Don't Need You Anymore

The Girl with the pre-fabricated heart- The Real Tuesday Weld and Cibelle

DJ Format-Rap Machine
Homelife-Fruit Machine
Electric President-Good morning hypocrite
TV on the Radio- Satellite
UNKLE- Persons & Machinery
BT & The Roots- Tao of the Machine
Saul Williams- Gunshots by Computer
Burial- Ghost Hardware
American Anolog Set- We're Computerizing and We Just Don't Need You Anymore


saneshane said...

Took me ages to bloody well do this post.
.ignore the love-in above.... listen to some tracks!

oh.... go to bed...........................................

Drunk Shoey said...

Yeah, enough group hugs. Music, music, black magic plastic.

saneshane said...

ta shoey- when the hangover hits your time zone- I'm right there with ya!

Blimpy said...

i didn't think anyone else in the world had heard of cibelle apart from me, i nominated a song of hers for the rr carnivals topic.

that said i only have one mp3 of hers, and have no idea where it came from, and have no idea who cibelle is.

i find it hard listening to burial when all i can see out me bedroom window is miles of open water and countryside.

Japanther said...

that's a pretty amazing playlist saneshane.

I'm about halfway through and enjoying it thoroughly.

haven't got there yet, but donds for The Barcelona Pavilion's "Tidy Up", a favourite in our house which never fails to get Mrs Japanther singing along...

saneshane said...

Glad some of you are enjoying it...

Cibelle is possible best known for London London with Devendra Banhart
and her cover of Green Grass.. good video too around the same place.

I saw her here at the Norwich Art center over a year ago now and she played a toy drum the same as my dad got for my sons first xmas present, very interesting show.. continuing the theme of using kids toys it seems.

I went on RR after the gig and chatted about it and sent steenb off to watch the rotoscope (?) green grass video.

'The shine of dried electric leaves'
is the album I've got and I love it.

Enjoy Tidy up when you get there jp.

Blimpy said...

could you post cibelle's best three songs as mp3s one day? and can london london be one of them? please?