Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Booking now for Glastonbury

I thought with the controversy over the selection of Jay-Z to headline Glastonbury, RR and its spillers (Spleaders Recommend?) - being the chairty-minded sorts that we are - ought to help the old farmer with his musical harvest and suggest a band or two.
I'll nominate Gaslight Anthem'cause they are in the Glastonbury traditional of being guitar-based, because they are a terrific band with good songs, and because they'd rock the place.


Blimpy said...

What's orange and looks good on a hippy?

tincanman said...

a glaston berry?

Tim (Kalyr) said...

Glastonbury needs more prog-rock!

The sad death of Rick Wright has put paid to any live appearance of Pink Floyd, so I'll suggest a Genesis reunion with Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett (To keep Jasonaparkes happy, Chester Thompson can replace Phil Collins. But Hackett's gotta be there!)

Further down the bill, Fish. He's probably a better bet than his old band Marillion, who do better playing to there own fans than sceptical festival audiences.

And of course we must have the almighty Porcupine Tree, although their recent musical direction might violate Eavis' stupid "No metal" rule.

And if we're allowed to defenestrate that 'no metal' rule, what about Opeth?

Need some women on the bill? Let's have Nightwish on the pyramid stage, preferably an OTT production with live choirs and orchestras rather than tapes.

And finally, we've got to have Mostly Autumn, of course. No matter how much Richardrj dislikes them :)

Abahachi said...

We don't want all you 'ippies down by 'ere anyways.

TonNL said...

how about Soulwax/Radio Soulwax/2 Many DJ's?
Three for the price of one, and you wil be dancing 'til the early hours to some excellent music...