Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kids Prefer Video Games

Kids these days seem to prefer video games to music. Enter The Advantage, a Calforinia band that do covers of tunes from Nintendo Entertainment System games. They have a couple of albums, self titled & Elf Titled & here's a couple of tracks:

Gremlins - Level 2
Metroid - Kraid's Lair


Blimpy said...

Have you heard Crystal Castles and their ilk?

A friend of mine put together a band that did jazz versions of computer games themes and played a couple of gigs. Good stuff.

Shoey said...

Haven't heard much Crystal Castles, but liked what I've heard.

Thought you might like. Figured Shane would too, but our own Dr. Frankenstein must still be busy in the lab.

saneshane said...

Sorry am I being slack?
Very cool add to Pixies b'side theme from narc..

my brother in law is one of those weirdos that knows about technology.. any frigging annoying electric toys that the boy destroys gets donated to him.. he re wires gets it connected to the synth and computer and does that toy orchestra type thing.. very cool results.

We like noise in this house made by all of us not a tinny toy.. Grandparents take note.. they stay at your house come christmas, if they make a pre-programmed repeatative din!

(oh oh oh unless it's a sampler... he wouldn't mind a sampler.. with a keyboard that joins up to garage band.. oh and the mac that joins up to the........ he's 3 and a half he knows about that stuff.. cheers.)