Friday, September 26, 2008

Manual Overdrive

Some machines with a human heart:

1] Not the Scooter remix, not the Lee Perry track of the same name, just the 'toon theme. Thanks to Penny for rescuing this from the vaults in the nick of time.

2] Anna Lockwood - Breathing Machine. Nebuliser soul.

3] Slim Gaillard - Cement Mixer. Any takers for a debate as to whether Slim Gaillard is the most genial presence in the history of popular music? Whatever, he gets my vout.

4] Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Multi-Horn Medley: Satin Doll/Lover. Not one for this week's theme but, short of a one-man band and without a plug involved, this has got to be one of the great musical contraptions. Not just the three-horn set-up, including instruments which didn't exist until their sound was dreamt up by Kirk, but the wind turbine of circular breathing that was the man himself.

5] "It was a dodgy Transformer again and again...a dodgy Transformer that cost £3.10."


Blimpy said...

how come arctic monkeys are huge and hmhb are not so much so? i can't really tell the differnce atween the two....

May1366 said...

I know! I don't mind the Arctic Monkeys but did get fed up at the "Drop everything you were doing - music has started again" attitude that greeted them. I find the label "the Barron Knights of the Noughties" quite effective for winding up Monkeys disciples.

HMHB, on the other hand, seem to do the BB King thing and 'live the life they sing about in their songs', which doesn't get you Mercury Prizes and whatnot.