Friday, September 26, 2008

Out of control-alt-delete

And for the non-robots list…
Mogwai have a mellow moment, Jim Noir's computer is – you suspect – a bit like his relationships, The Shortwave Set aren't dedicating track three to the Guardian techies, Princess Superstar has a machine that can make her into anything she wants to be (perhaps) and, to close, The Shortwave Set (again) bring us an artificial sun.


Blimpy said...

is the shortwave set's new lp worth getting? i really like their first one.

GarethI said...

The short reply is: I replied to this earlier, but it may have been on another post, but yes.
The longer reply is: yes, because it's more consistent than the first album, better tunes and cleaner production but not overproduced. The Michael Hann review was pretty spot-on, in that it doesn't sound like TST were influenced by anything beyond the mid-70s, but it sounds great and that's what counts, unless you're a music historian.