Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mystery Track Time!

In order not to wipe out my bondwidth, and not to get shouted at by the "authorities", I present to you a new and mysterious song (one I've been intrigued to hear ever since it was first m00ted7

Do you like my cunning visual clue? 

Anyways, thoughts on the track in the comments, please! 

Mystery Song


ejaydee said...

I love the clue in the picture.
The song is perfectly adequate for a JB film. Not sure about the vocals though, I can't picture them as easily over the opening credits.

saneshane said...

You say they never made a bad album..(list thread)
I'm a big fan.. can you give me a hint as to what I should listen to on Icky thump.. an EP searching for a side two when I first heard it.. haven't bothered since.. and for the life of me can't remember what side one would have had on it.

First hearing loving this tho.... great graphics blimp
I can see the visuals over the opening credits...

DarceysDad said...

So - says he, being thick - is this the White & Keys tune then?

The one that JW is in a huff about Coca-Cola using?

DarceysDad said...

I quite like it actually.

Blimpy said...

@darce -SSSSSSHHHHH!!! Don't mention them by name - the web sherriff will handcuff us and take us away to chokey!!

(i quite like it too, by the way)

@shane, icky thump would make a better EP - the first 4 tracks. And I like "Rag and Bone" too.
I'm still very angry they never released "get behind me satan" on vinyl. something to do with a fire.

saneshane said...

handcuff us and take us away to chokey
i quite like it too..

what site am I on?

oh spill.. I'm going to listen again..

nilpferd said...

No style. ragged, rather than aggressive. ´Too many derivative elements, like the fuzzy guitar. Token brass is an insult to John Barry. Too many changes of tempo and too many different instrumentations. Drumming messy. "Echo" production annoying. Vocals too monotone, lyrics missing that incomprehensible, WTF factor of the best Bond songs. Poor ingredients, badly cooked.
I expect you to die, Mr. Bond..

Shoey said...

It's ok, but no "All the Time", "Nobody Does It", "Gfinger" or "Live & Let". Will this be remembered in 5,10, 20 or 40 years like some of it's predecessors? I can't even remember the tune to the last one.

Is it safe to call it Alicia Stripes?

Japanther said...


Me too!! "Get Behind Me Satan" is the only WS album I don't have, because it never came out on vinyl.
I have the first two on the original Sympathy for the Record Industry label (bought 'em on import when they came out). And (does a quick count) 16 7"'s. Just that one missing, can we start a campaign?

Blimpotron said...

The campaign starts here!!

The Ws had planned to release a special "live" get behind me satan with odd orchestration on it for the vinyl issue, but the pressing plant they were going to use burnt down. I held off until i heard this, then bought the cd.

all my other WS is on vinyl, just as it's meant to be.

i can take or leave the raconteurs.

WS should release a triple album of b-sides - now that would be fab!

Japanther said...

actually make that 18 7"'s, I just found a couple more when I was checking out the B-Sides....a B-side album would indeed be great, they usually show the slightly rougher side of the WS, and personally I prefer my WS that bit more ragged....i'm tempted to put one together myself....if only I can get that analogue converter working again....

Mnemonic said...

Finally got round to following goneforeign's advice on conversion and, because I have an existing ordinary turntable, all I needed was a cable to connect from the amp to the computer's mike socket and free Audacity software. Saved me a fortune as it also works for tapes and minidiscs.

Japanther said...


hmm...that sounds good. Do you know what software i would need for a Mac?

BTW - glad to see a fellow noise fan, i've got a couple of Magic Markers albums and am a big fan of the whole US noise/shouty stuff scene. Have you heard Foot Village? Basically four people, each with a full drumkit and a microphone who face each other and just go mental..there are some structures of course, but best taken in small doses.

Mnemonic said...

Goneforeign is a committed Mac user himself so I think you just need the Mac version of Audacity. I found the lead I needed with my old minidisc player. It's the same one as I used to use to put stuff onto minidisc from the stereo. Plug into the headphone socket on the stereo and the microphone socket on the computer and tell Audacity that you are inputting from mic.

Yes, I'm a big noise fan, although I didn't like Magik Markers live (I've been told by a fan that they can be very variable) and I'll look out for Foot Village. However, Boredoms, Liars, Lightning Bolt, Black Dice, Envy, Isis, Shit and Shine (up to 12 drummers but I've only seen them with 5) are all favourites. Favourite album of the year, vying with Bon Iver for quiet relief, is Fuck Buttons. The first track on their album, Sweet Love for Planet Earth, is available in full on, if you haven't heard them yet. Definitely headphone music if you're at home or work. Shut the world out, crank it up, and enjoy.

blimpy said...

I have a Mogwai remix of Fuck Buttons if anyone wants it?

Japanther said...

Thanks - i'll definitely give Audacity a try.

Great list too - I second every single one of the bands you mentioned (especially Liars and Lightning Bolt) and would add The USA is a Monster, Noxagt, Melt Banana and Metalux, also on a more dronetastic tip try Raccoo-oo-oon, Pocahaunted and Robedoor. If you don't know it already check out Not Not Fun records, my #1 fave label in the world (run by a husband and wife team who are in Robedoor and Pocahuanted)

Japanther said...

Forgot to say:

would love to hear the Mogwai remix of Fuck Buttons.

I haven't got round to buying the Fuck Buttons album yet, but have downloaded a couple of tracks which i think are ace..

Mnemonic said...

Japanther, by coincidence Foot Village are playing Friday week at the Luminaire. Three of us have just booked tickets.

Mnemonic said...

I'd love the Fuck Buttons remix too. I'm sure I've posted this before but maybe it ended up on the wrong post.

Japanther said...

mnemonic, i'm tinkering with Audacity now, but seem to be having quite a few problems. What kind of csble do i need? Also it says that I need to enable sometjing called LameLib, but it won't let me open it....hmmm....computers are not my strong point!

That's a mental co-incidence about Foot Village! I hope you won't be disappointed, i've never seem them live, but their records are pretty much jams that have been recorded live and it sounds like they would be incredible in the flesh.

Mnemonic said...

I got mine from this site with no trouble

You do need the plug-in, available from same site.

Goneforeign's advice was to ask at local stereo shop. I took along existing cable from minidisc and asked if it would work. It has standard headphone jacks at both ends.

Looking forward to Foot Village. Will take custom-made 25-decibel reduction ear attenuators along!

Japanther said...


I'll keep tinkering...I think I need a different kind of cable.