Friday, September 19, 2008

'Spill Monster in progress

I've destroyed some vinyl and some tapes and some cds.. this is the start of a 'spill monster.. I begin things on a thursday night while catching up on music. RR keeps me going while I try to avoid all the addiction I used to have... faffing .. that's what it's called.
Did we get 'No Children' before
Good theme this week... can't play, as I can't work at the same time.

Songs from the films 'Black Cat/white Cat' or 'Underground' fit.
Monster is just waving goodbye, must try harder.


Shoey said...

Spill Monster sounds like a 50's Sci-Fi movie. Will watch this space in anticipation.

Yes, "No Children" got zedded in arguments week, though it should have been "Dance Music".

Blimpy said...

a very cryptic post indeed. i really liked it, especially the artwork.

more obliqueness on the spill please!!!!

nilpferd said...

Your monster looks like it could use a drink.. and it's not orange, either..
re. "Underground" check the Fanfare Ciocarlia clip I posted to RR..

saneshane said...

Hey he should be orange.. all monsters should be..but the vinyl for his head...

12" cure orange vinyl is not going to be used and
gay dad CD (my best friend laughed so much she gave me the Cd.. I gave her away at her wedding.. who has the last laugh?) or the words and music from Bod.
I'm not going to destroy any of those!

Fanfare Ciocarlia I can't find the link on RR tho I do have albums.. it just won't work for me over there..

this is perfect for no children and yes it should have been dance music on argue..

just watched be kind rewind ..
so watch out for the 'SPILL MONSTER movie.

steenbeck said...

I like the monster!! CANNOT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!!!!