Friday, September 19, 2008

You May Now Dondle The Bride

Today, I'm working with a guy whose wife walked up the aisle to the theme from The Persuaders, which is a very good choice.

Anyway, here's some more wedding songs. Hope you enjoy (at least) some of them.


Shoegazer said...

Great title GarethI & 'Spilldonds for Crane Wife. The Ever There would still be my preferred Elbow choice though.

Japanther said...

Nice playlist.
I've always shunned The Decembrists as being just that bit too indie-schmindie for my tastes, but after listening to those tracks I realise I've been cutting off my proverbial nose, beautiful stuff.

Is there a definitive Decembrists album?

GarethI said...

Thanks, both. Japanther, I've only got Picaresque and The Crane Wife for the Decemberists, although I listen to the latter more often.

steenbeck said...

Japanther--Over on the Guardian top 1000 albums blog they picked Her Majesty the Decemberists, and it does have some good songs (Red Right Ankle is a standout for me) But if I had one complaint about the Decemberists, it's that sometimes they're a bit precious and sometimes they seem like they're trying to sound British, which they ain't, and that album has a few tracks that head that way for me. I really like Castaways and Cutouts, especially July July, Grace Cathedral Hill, and Clementine (as Can be heard above). Crane Wife and Picaresque good as well.

TracyK said...

Picaresque for me, I felt The Crane Wife is a bit hard work: not keen on the extended noodling on some of TCW. They are my favourite band though, I just love the nerdiness.