Friday, September 12, 2008

Revenge is sweet

For those of us feeling vengeful towards the evil IT guys at the are some revenge songs.

1 Young Waters, by June Tabor. I hadn't quite remembered this right when I recommended it. In fact it's a 'wily lord' who asks the queen who the handsomest man is...but the king is standing right there, so her response is still pretty stupid.
2 Guns Are The Tongues, by Richard Thompson
3 The Black Freighter, by Steeleye Span. AKA Pirate Jenny, I believe.
4 If I Had a Rocket Launcher, by Maggie Holland. Because I know her!

Young Waters
Guns Are The Tongues
The Black Freighter
If I Had a Rocket Launcher


ToffeeBoy said...

Your play button's appeared! Thanks for posting these - I loved 'The Black Freighter'.

treefrogdemon said...

Only because I reinstalled it...Thanks!

Blimpy said...

the black frieghter has scary connetations for me....

treefrogdemon said...

How come, Blimpy?

Blimpy said...

have you read "watchmen" , i did when i was quite wee. and it's scary, the black freighter stuff!

treefrogdemon said..., but Wikip. says the Black Freighter in Watchmen is a deliberate allusion to the song - which is really called Pirate Jenny, and is from The Threepenny Opers by Brecht/Weill.

So you're quite right to be scared!

Shoegazer said...

Watchmen movie next year: