Monday, September 29, 2008

Cibelle nicked my sons drum.

so these Cibelle songs could have been in....

Cibelle & Seu Jorge
Cibelle vs. Koçani Orkestar
(The Real) Tuesday Weld Feat. David Piper And Cibelle
Blimpy stop distracting me, one day I might need some sleep!


Blimpy said...

Hi shane,

could you post up your entire music collection please, with 300 words written on each song, and with a picture for each song too.

then you can rest. kthanxbye.

saneshane said...

ok Blimpy
I'm starting on Schwervon! 'cos that's what I'm listen to ......AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHH

boxstr says I can't upload again 'til midnight..
drat and double drat.

Blimpy said...

Okay then, I will accept the entire record collection via mail.

Please post all vinyl and cds and ipods to

Blimpy McFLah
Spill Towers
Blogger Street
01001 1101001

Best wishes.

saneshane said...

can we do a music sitting service.. one month with each others collections.

I'm at:

Design Asylum
Blogged Down
5ad 5ap

I am only allowed out at weekends though.

regards +

Blimpy said...

thanks for the tracks, much appreciated!!

saneshane said...

no worries, hope you like..
think I just hit buy on Appollo Nove after doing that for you..because of a Cibelle link, who?

oh well I love suprises.