Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What was at Number One when you were born?

What was at Number One in the singles and album charts on the day you were born?

For me it was (single) 'Cant buy me love' and (album) 'With the Beatles'

Curious? Check it.



snadfrod said...

That's a handy link, sourpus, cheers. I've known what my single was for a long time, and it makes me very happy - Going Underground by The Jam.

What I didn't know, however, is that the album was called Tears and Laughter by Johnny Mathis. Rock and win!

Blimpy said...

The Number 1 single was:
The Jacksons - "Show You The Way To Go"

The Number 1 album was:
Muppets - "The Muppet Show

ejaydee said...

Number 1 in teh UK was Jealous Guy by Roxy Music and the album was Kings of The Wild Frontier by Adam & The Ants.

debbym said...

My, sourpus, we're practically twins!

Fronk said...

No 1. Album:
Queen - "Greatest Hits"

No 1. Single:
Queen and David Bowie - "Under Pressure"

So a vintage year for me, and for Queen

DarceysDad said...

Hmmm, this website gives the wrong single for me, so I'm dubious about the whole thing.

Shoey said...

"I Want to Hold Your Hand" & "With the Beatles". Bah! Should have stayed in the womb.

ToffeeBoy said...

I Love You by Cliff & The Shadows and South Pacific Original Soundtrack!

Also it seems that I share a birthday with Syd Barrett and Sandy Denny.

saneshane said...

England World Cup Squad - "Back Home"
Beatles - "Let It Be"

dond for staying in the womb
1947 - Ronnie Wood ( guitarist, Small Faces )
1950 - Tom Robinson ( vocalist, guitarist, keyboard player; solo and with The Tom Robinson Band )
1960 - Simon Gallup ( bassist, The Cure )
1968 - Jason Donovan ( vocalist and actor )
1974 - Alanis Morissette ( vocalist )

what a corking band line up we would make (as long as I don't tell the last 2 where rehearsals are).

Shoey said...

Pah! Got half of The Monkees, Tracey Ulman, Jeff Lynne, Del Shannon(?) & that tool from Jamiroqui.

Bo Diddley & Patti Smith make up for it though.

GarethI said...

Singles: The Sweet, with Blockbuster. It must have been formative, as I've always enjoyed a bit of glamrock.
The album chart was Elton John, with Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player.

snadfrod said...

GarethI FTW!!!

And shane - Back Home rules, come on, you know it does!!

For birthdays, I got Diana Ross, Rufus Thomas, Teddy Prendergrass and Stephen Tyler. So I've got lots of pipes but bugger all else...

DaddyPig said...

A bit of a spoiler here, in that I'm getting "Nutrocker" by B Bumble and the Stingers, when my Guinness Book of Hit Singles tells me it's Elvis and "Good Luck Charm". Both fine records, though as an amateur piano-basher, Nutrocker would be splendid. I think possibly 'Everyhit' is getting muddled by the traditional use of week-ending dates for charts, not week-commencing. Nutrocker was knocked off the top spot by Elvis just as I was thinking about making a move...

My album appears to be the 'Blue Hawaii' soundtrack, and the pick of the musicians is Wreckless Eric ! Plus two Tavares and Rick Wakeman. Disco, punk, Hunky Dory and word puzzles, doesn't get better than that !

ToffeeBoy said...

I'm loving the idea of 'birthday' bands. This is the full line up of 'The 6th Januaries' -

Sandy Denny (vocals)
Syd Barrett (guitar, vocals)
Van McCoy (vocals, piano)
Malcolm Young (AC/DC) (guitar)
Mark O'Toole (Frankie Goes To Hollywood) (bass)
Kathy Sledge (backing vocals)

I suppose that's me on drums then...

ToffeeBoy said...

And Alex Turner from The Artic Monkeys - what a line up!

saneshane said...

I'm on drums too..
bashing Alanis and Jason.

DarceysDad said...

The latest line-up of KXDG (with DsD now reduced to manager) recruited for their specific shared birthday is:

Terry Reid (NOT Led Zep) - Vocals;
Roger Glover (Deep Purple) - Bass;
John Ashton (Psychedelic Furs) - Guitar;
Paul Wheeler (Icehouse) - Drums;
Jalil 'Whodini' to give us da funk;
Backing vocals from June Pointer & Des'ree

Not bad, huh?!

snadfrod said...

Bizarrely, I looked up Mrs Frod's birthdate for her this morning and it felt the need to phrase an entry in her birthdays thus:

'Ian Curtis (vocalist, Joy Division; deceased)'

Just to clarify that one, ok?

sourpus said...

debbym@ - rock n roll!!

My band is really a duet - imagine an alternative Plant/Krauss if you will.

Marvin Gaye and
Emmylou Harris!!!

What a fab idea! And thanks for all the comments!

Proudfoot said...

Roy Orbison 'It's Over'. Can't even hum it. The album charts had the Stones' 1st LP
My Band is:

Adam Faith- Vox, kybds
Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth)- drms
Stu Sutcliffe- Rhythm gtr/bass/ posing in shades/ procuring drugs, groupies etc. + Artwork, should we ever make an album.
Glen Danzig- Lead gtr
June Carter Cash/ Anthony 'Daniel' Costa (Blue)/ KT Tunstall - Vox/Backing Vox
Zinedine Zidane - triangle/ percussion/ midfield
Josephine, Empress of France - choreography. But not tonight.

Erm...Crap band, I know, but King Edward VIII is our manager so anything could happen.Good bassist needed but it never hurt the Cramps or White Stripes did it?
We'll be playing the Dublin Castle on June 23rd.
The MC will be Ted Shackleford (Gary Ewing in Knots Landing).

TracyK said...

Single: George Harrison's My Sweet Lord (good grief!)
LP: Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water, which is a big favourite of pretty much everyone in my family, especially my nan, who chose the title track for her funeral. No wonder I like drippy acoustic music, I was born to it!

My group is exceptionally bad and displeases me mightily. You mayb find it ironic...

In charge of music, for the sole reason he seems the only one capable, Ronnie Scott.
Lead vocals, Sarah MacLachlan, which I can bear.
"Skills" DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill. Gah...
Backing 'vocals' Joey Fatone (NSYNC) and Nickolas Carter (Backstreet Boys).

Kill me...