Friday, September 19, 2008

Marriage Songs

Mos Def--U R The One
CYHSY__Emily Jean Stock
Bob Willis & HTPB--Take me Back To Tulsa
The Carter Family--Single Girl Married Girl
Talib Kweli--Joy
Talib Kweli--Tallk to You
Pete Rock and CL Smooth--Lot's of Lovin
The Specials--Stupid Marriage
Citizen Cope--Son's Gonna Rise
Jackie Mittoo--Rock Steady Wedding
Cee Lo Green--All Day Love Affair
Jean Redpath--College Boy
Our Way to Fall


May1366 said...

steen - might take a while to get through all these but I've dipped in to sample more Talib Kweli, with whom I've become acquainted mainly thanks to RR - thanks for these two tracks.

The Cee-Lo track is wonderful as well, and before this weekend, the memory of Stupid Marriage, that I listened to countless times as a 12-year-old, had almost completely receded. It's back with a vengeance now. It bothers me that I've become the sort of person who might say these words but there's no getting away from it: They Just Don't Write Them Like That Anymore.

ejaydee said...

Where's the Mos Def from, and who sings Our Way To Fall?

saneshane said...

Our Way to Fall is by Yo la Tengo.
a most beautiful song and got me sending music to steen, having 5 albums by them I'd never noticed it until she mentioned it... a reason why I love RR so.

steenbeck said...

Thanks, Saneshane! yes it's Yo La Tengo from the album And Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out. The whole album's worth a listen if you can find it. I only have one other by them, I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One, and I love that as well. I was thinking of doing a separate Yo La Tengo post for this subject as 2/3 of the band are married to each other. I will if I have time tomorrow.

And the Mos Def is from True Magic. I know that this album and New Danger both got dodgy reviews, but they also both have wonderful songs on them that shouldn't be overlooked. And I completely forgot about this...
You have to love Spike Lee--that movie is...complicated.

nilpferd said...

Enjoying the Talib Kweli, Cee Lo Green, and Yo La Tengo tracks.. beautiful.

ejaydee said...

For some reason I only have the first half of The New Danger, and I admit I didn't get True Magic because it seemed like a lazy effort, so I decided I wasn't going to buy it, but "sample" it, in the end I never got round to it though.

I think Bamboozled had a great concept, but something went wrong in the execution. There are a lot of really good moments, but overall, especially in the end, it falls apart. Maybe I should see it again though.

steenbeck said...

Forgot to say thanks for listening, May1366, and I thought you might like to know that Talk to You is sort of a remake of an Eddie Kendricks song Can I, that is really wonderful (and on youTube, but I'm not on my computer and it would be very slow to open a window, post a link, etc). Kweli said he wanted to share some of the music that meant a lot to him growing up.

I listened to the True Magic this morning, and I do like a lot of it. I can see how it would be called lazy, but I think one of the things people don't like is that he sings a lot on it, and I actually Do like that.

And my feeling with Bamboozled is that he's taking on too much. He's trying to satire so many things that seem to make him angry, and some of them (like that scene, maybe) just lose their power. (for me anyway)

steenbeck said...

I forgot about this Eddie Kendricks/Talib Kweli post from the early days of the 'Spill...

ejaydee said...

I think you're exactly right about Bamboozled, maybe it was too much, but then again it's a big subject. Although I do get this particular scene, and it was funny to see the audition for the "Smackin' My Hoes" crooner.