Sunday, September 21, 2008

Grandma said. .you should have married Fred instead.

Pelle Carlberg
Jens Lekman
Buscemi vs. Koçani Orkestar
Euros Child
The Death Set
Our Way to fall is still the best together track.. thanks steenb... still can't work RR.. not sulking , got IE, Chrome, firefox and Safari working on it.. but not at the same time as designing so sorry if it doubles up.


nilpferd said...

Particularly like the Kocani Orkestar and Zelwer tracks.. The Fanfare Ciocarlia I linked on RR was this..
Nothing to do with marriage as such, except that they play this sort of stuff at weddings in Romania..

steenbeck said...

I Haven't had time to listen, just going to now, but--did you want these posted on the mothership? Nice light in the picture.

steenbeck said...

Nice list, Saneshane. I'm sad to say the CD player in my computer AND car are both broken, so I haven't been able to listen to my Balkan Gypsy music CD (or anything else) lately. Nice to hear some of it here.

saneshane said...

Steen...I did manage to get on.. but cutting and pasting comments makes them almost unreadable.. oh well.

Have got Queens and Kings by Fanfare Ciocarlia, anything else you recommend Nilpf?

If you can't play CDs here is some fun to keep you interested.. it's all to do with the Real Tuesday Weld.. there are beautiful animations, downloads and just fun stuff...
the first link is a blogspot, the second is the British label..
(I just got a book specially produced with their new album... thank you HMV for being crap, how can you be out of stock when I pre-ordered it?.. but as usual going to the source is so much better.. Thank you Antique Beat for being great)

Now they also sent me a DVD of 'Dreams that money can buy' by Hans Richter and other surrealists with a new sound track by Tuesday Weld any of you film buffs seen it? got to find time to sit and watch it looks interesting...

anyway check out the sites, some of the animations to their songs are stunning.. I wanted to do a post, but time is in short supply at the moment.. enjoy.

nilpferd said...

For Fanfare Ciocarlia I'd definitely recommend Baro Biao, (Worldwide wedding), which is a blast.
Queens and Kings isn't at all like the way F.C. play live, it was more of an attempt to widen their appeal. A fine album, but I think you need the contrast as well.

DarceysDad said...

Sorry Shane, I'm VERY late getting round to this one ... can I just say that Jens Lekman song is absolutely GORGEOUS.

saneshane said...

no worries DsD..
do you want a best of Jens sent up?

He kind of can do no wrong in my book having recorded a song called 'I met her at the anti war demonstration' that being how I met ms sane..

(but I do realise normal folk don't need the same amount of songs as me.... obviously if I did you a taster you would then go and buy all the cds.. making him very rich and then writing song that mean nothing to me.. oh the conundrum )

WhatCar Reader dilemma - German or Japanese? said...

I certainly wouldn't say 'No', Shane.

Feeling very skint (as my only-5y.o. car has unexpectedly expired, and I can't afford NOT to get another) and also I can't get eMule to work on the new PC ...

[Um, what my client meant to say, Mr WebSherriff, is "I have recently been informed that filesharing music may be illegal, so I no longer access certain sites from which I may have inadvertantly added some computerised files to my system's C-Drive, from where they have of course been removed" - DsD's Legal Advisor].

... so anything that takes away the element of risk when buying CDs is very welcome.

saneshane said...

I completely understand mr What Car..

those pesky fellows say I can get ok calculator easily..
but.. same here.. can't work without this PC.
Since the RR change.. I cleaned it all up, firefox updated, i-tunes updated what's the word defragulated (????) ya boo sucks to it all.

AS they say Gov'n keeping it clean at the mo.

shall sort you some examples.. to make sure you want to buy.

saneshane said...

the whole point of that was go Swedish!

DarceysDad said...

Go Swedish ... what? Are you talking about Lens or telling me to buy a SAAB?

Or are you even more psychic than that: it's also mobile upgrade time and I DON'T want another Swede! - iPhone's out of the question; LG Viewty doesn't have the phonebook memory; Nokia N95 will cost me extra; there's a couple of nice-looking Samsungs though ...