Thursday, September 25, 2008

More For The Kids

This Old Man
Inch Worm
Jenny Jenkins
Nellie the Elephant
Signal in the Sky (Let's Go)
White Horses


saneshane said...

glad mine helped.

been a long while since I heard Nellie,
don't get Jenny Jenkins.. liking the rest .. trying to avoid the words Powderpuff girls in the apples in stereo info.. though.

good stuff.
(we make up a new this old man song every week.. glad it takes me so long to type, I've listened all through now!)

DarceysDad said...

Oh Blimey, I've just been mugged by the memory of Saturday mornings and that White Horses tune ...

Shoegazer said...

Hey Darce, are you going over to nom "Fix the Machine" you know it has to be done?

May1366 said...

White Horses has to be the apex of this sort of kids' stuff the you just can't let go. Can anyone remember what the hell happened in the actual programme? Was it just a title sequence played twice over to increase anticipation for the next episode of Herge's Adventures of Tintin?
Worth mentioning that Jacky (Lee), who sang White Horses (another wonder - was the song used for the series in its homeland?), also gave us the wonderful theme song for Rupert the Bear. That line - "where you'll meet a little teddy bear if you are good" could be Freda Payne or Fontella Bass, after a school exchange visit to stay at Petula Clark's house.

Shoegazer said...

Erm, as I remember it was black & white (or was that our tv), short, badly dubbed & had kids & horses in it & some of them were white (all the kids & some of the horses).

Shoey the tv critic said...

Well maybe some of the kids were Hispanic. But there was a lot of learning against horses' paddocks & fuck all else. But the tune still holds up.

May1366 said...

Czech, maybe? Or Hungarian? It does rather set off a quest for more "Shit programme: Great theme" combos:

Brush Strokes - the painting and decorating sitcom with the bloke from the Flash ads and the Kevin Rowland theme

Robin's Nest - actually, Robin's Nest had its moments - Richard O'Sullivan was quite an amiable presence but replacing Paula Wilcox with a one-armed Irishman just didn't work. But great Ronnie Hazlehurst tune - on Fender Rhodes?

that's all I've got for now.