Friday, September 19, 2008

Relationship contemplations (pt 1)

Whilst sitting in my metaphorical single bed in the guest room, wondering if I'm ever going back to the marital double in the master suite, I started to put together my list of nominations. But then I stopped ...

One of the strangely liberating things about my self-imposed exile from RR is a feeling of release from any subject parameters our guru imposes. This became apparent when I looked for this week's DBT song. My initial thought was that given we've had My Sweet Annette, it has to be Marry Me as the one sitting squarely inside the subject boundaries. But then I realised that - as of now - there ARE NO subject boundaries! Wherever my train of thought goes, or whatever the topic title triggers in my mental fave song jukebox, I can simply go for it. Consequently Marry Me gets dumped, and the wonderfully heart-warming 18 Wheels Of Love roll in instead.
Update/Edit - It's Sunday night, and I've FINALLY got most of the mp3 files attached to the titles, and given ToffeeBoy's comment about Blue Nile, I've added Family Life to the list:
In the "I'm gonna marry you" slot:
On the "I'm the luckiest man alive" cloud:
In the "Why do I stay?" rut:
On the edge of the abyss:
Sinead O'Connor - The Last Day Of Our Acquaintance
Saying "I told you so" unconvincingly from the sadsack corner of the bar is:
Grabbing the second chance of happiness are:
Battling through difficult circumstances is:
Ignoring the withering looks from former fairweather friends:
Living happily ever after are:
And realising that there is no "forever" is:
Natalie Merchant - My Beloved Wife
Sorry if this is all a bit schmaltzy, but as a very happily-married man whose wife has a much more MOR musical taste than mine, I suppose this is an inevitable consequence of the topic.
I'm now FAR too knackered to correct the errors in this post, let alone think of any more songs.


ToffeeBoy said...

Hey Dsd - looks like a good list - looking forward to hearing the ones I don't know so well.

Good to see The Blue Nile on the list - what's not to like? - but I would have gone with Family Life - a couple who are definitely not living happily after ever - one of the saddest songs I know.

DarceysDad the painter/decorator .. again! said...

Funnily enough, Toffee, it was a close call on Blue Nile - Family Life IS a better fit, but if forced to choose, I'd rather listen to Sentimental Man.

I trust you've nominated Mr Buchanan somewhere on the Mothership ...

Abahachi said...

Good to be reminded of Terraplane: I had the badge and everything, and was crashingly disappointed when they metamorphosed into a meat'n'potatoes rock band called, heaven help us, Thunder, for all that it brought them success.

DarceysDad said...

At Shoey's behest, I'd decided to succumb to the power of iTunes tonight as a means of converting all the appropriate songs in my collection to a format that Boxstr will accept. I downloaded the software straight after MotD finished, then it asked me if I wanted to add my songs to my iTunes library, so I said yes ...

... and nearly two hours later it's still doing it !!!!

I'm off to bed - turning my above song titles into playable files will have to wait again.

So no Terraplane until Sunday night, I'm afraid, Abahachi.

G'night all.

Shoey said...

Oops, my bad. iTunes can convert files pretty quickly, but if you have a lot of songs & convert all at once it's going to take a while. Hoping you changed the import settings to mp3 1st, or you won't be a happy camper.

My favorite feature is the smart playlist. Have one set up for least played & it updates automatically. You can set up playlists by year, genre & anything else you can think of.

DarceysDad said...

Um, no I didn't Shoey, and now I can't see how to do it. Any tips?

Shoegazer said...

Assuming you have the new iTunes v8

Edit - Preferences - General Tab
Click import Setting Button
Select Mp3 decoder on the "Import Using" menu & click ok

Anything you import will then default to mp3. Anything you've already imported & want as an mp3 for Boxtr- right click on the tune, & you should get the option "create mp3 version"

That should do it.

DarceysDad said...

Thanks, Shoey. Done that. Just a shame fifteen thousand songs went to the wrong format first!!

And for those who get the emails of comments - my list now finally has the songs attached. Taken me two hours as first Boxstr was on a work-to-rule ("Three songs uploading at once? Sorry pal, we don't allow that much weight in one go"), and then in trying to edit my post I somehow got in a tiny bit of extra HTML that made it error out.

So much for saving I.T. frustration by staying away from RR, huh?

Bedtime for Bonzo.


alimunday said...

Well done DsD, I nominated 'True Companion' on the main blog and mentioned your name (not in the true companion context but the fact that you're the only other person I 'know' who appreciates Mark Cohn). I played 'Perfect Love' to my other 'arf once and he laughed at me so I've sulked ever since (11 years and counting)!

ToffeeBoy said...

@ darce - well worth waiting for - thank you. Loved Black (as expected) and of course The Blue Nile (thanks for including Family Life and making me feel utterly miserable). Still not convinced by Drive By Truckers... [runs hastily for cover as Scouse invectives suddenly fill the calm Hertfordshire evening...]

DarceysDad said...

@ AliM - thank YOU for the mention. I know what you mean re Perfect Love, but the song that 'gets' me most is The Things We've Handed Down.

Walking In Memphis also meant so much more after I'd been to Graceland.

@ Toffee - re DBT. No, I'm chilled, really. I posted the admittedly rougher live version because of Patterson Hood's spoken intro/explanation.