Friday, September 12, 2008

Jerry Spiller The Opera

No Inspector Blakey here, not even Art Blakey, but three tracks crying out to be paraded in front of a braying crowd on Springer or Jeremy Kyle.

1] Aaron Neville in the early 60s, teamed up with Allen Toussaint at Minit Records for a series of immensely bluesy, cleverly written slices of deep soul, including this wonderfully nasty piece of work. Not exactly preparing her ideally for the lie detector test later in the show.

2] Swamp Dogg doesn't know whether to feel betrayed or horny at this classic squaring (or triangling) of the menage a trois circle (or triangle).

3] I don't care if this makes the A list. I just love it. Every member of my family loves it, and you can't say that about all the music I force upon them. The simply glorious Honey Cone come straight outta Walford with this pregnancy/shotgun wedding revenge fantasy.

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