Thursday, September 25, 2008

Papa Sanes Sing Song Session

Derek Griffiths- Bod
Kira Whiley- caterpillar caterpillar
Saint Etienne- Excitation
Four Tet-Princess Watermelon Go GO Ninja Dinosaur
Crackpot- Tippy tippy Toe
David Byrne- Tiny Apocalypse
The Barcelona Pavilion- Tidy up
Jim Noir- I'm Me I'm Your
Kimya Dawson/They Might be Giants- bedx5
The Jazz Butcher- Mind Like A Playgroup


Proudfoot said...
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Proudfoot said...

Pretty top-of-the-tot-tastic Mr Sane. I'll be trying some of these out at home.
Hmmm. No Gary Glitter?

saneshane said...

to -toe- tot -tastic may be?
(post removed this means nothing now.. eh pf)

1 I Feel Just Like A Child Devendra Banhart
2 caterpillar caterpillar Kira Wiley
3 I Me You I'm Your Jim Noir
4 Skanky Panky Kid Koala
5 Tiny Apocalypse David Byrne
6 Kids MGMT
7 Monsters Under the Bed Eugene McGuinness
8 Tippy Tippy Toe Crackpot
9 Tire Swing Kimya Dawson
10 mind like a playgroup the Jazz Butcher
11 The Bod Theme Derek Griffiths
12 Saturday Morning Eels
13 Jefferson Shuffle Pest
14 Excitation Saint Etienne
15 Go Go Ninja Dinosaur Four Tet-Princess Watermelon
16 Again Son... Tim "Love" Lee
17 The Monkeys Are Breaking Out The Zoo Belle & Sebastian
18 Let's Build A Zoo Saint Etienne
19 Eanie Meany Jim Noir
20 I Am An Astronaut Snow Patrol
21 Tidy Up Tidy Up (Edit) The Barcelona Pavilion
22 Night Baking Kathryn Williams
23 bed,bed,bed,bed,bed They might be giants

This is the full 80 minute version, great with the bongo contraption hanging from the front seat of the car.. pots of dry pasta attached with pipe cleaners..

I just have to remember to remove dubious songs when they get taken to nursery... that'd be the GG!

I complained so much when the z-boy returned singing 'bob the builder' they now take on my dubious musical taste cds.

I'm just hopeful a little congotronics may seep into the sampling of the b-boys to be!

and I could do with someones comp..on boxstr including... 'Not yet 3' J.Richman fans.. It's here somewhere but can I find it....

Shoegazer said...

Was in a bad mood until I had a listen to these - thanks Shane.

bethnoir said...

Derek Griffiths in particular was appreciated, thanks saneshane :-)

Shoey said...

Tidy Up has been adopted by Mrs. Shoe as the new house anthem. Thanks Shane (I think).

saneshane said...

tidy up works.. okay our boy is three.. but he runs around like a maniac sorting stuff when its on.. early programming might help.

(and leaving the room so you don't have to do it also helps)

saneshane said...

and the best bit...
"when you're done with the rice cooker...tidy up"
always the first bit of kit I've left lying around.