Thursday, January 7, 2010

All This Remains

I didn't vote on the CWS - the flu has left me feeling fragile and in dire need of acoustic, soothing melodies - and I've got loads of your posts from Christmas to catch up on still (Thank you Shoey for the Festive 'Spill, I hope I can still catch that!)

So here is a song that offers ME one of my favourite musicians ever on guitar, while YOU all get another helping of Indie Tottie

Bert Jansch and Hope Sandoval from the 2002 album Edge Of A Dream



Blimpy said...

Nice tune - now where is that new Mazzy Star album we were promised? Hope isn't one to rush anything, is she?

CaroleBristol said...


Many thanks Debby!

Shoey said...

Happy New Year, Debby. YVW for the FS - always fun. Had to take the thing down from here as I ran out of room on drop-box & wouldn't have room for any new stuff for you all to enjoy/annoy/ignore (delete as applicable).

We might be able to persuade Tin to do a reup on dropbox for anyone who missed this year's festive beast (we'll probably have to laugh at a few of his jokes for a while to enable this to happen, if needed).