Monday, January 18, 2010

Did Anybody Mention Boy Bands?

I often have great difficulty knowing what to post on here. I don't seem to own a single piece of music that isn't already known to everybody else, whilst the majority of music I listen to comes from local bands playing live - not exactly conducive to posting on t'Spill. But when it comes to boy bands...
Boys2Rock play very loud guitar, are friends of friends, thoroughly nice guys and - after all those shredding chicks - welcome eye candy for the 'Spill-ettes (sorry the pic is so very small, ladies). Their entire repertoire consists of motherfuckin' boyband songs!
There are a couple of videos on youtube, but the quality is appalling, so I'll just link you over to their myspace presence where you can listen to a medley; obviously it's not comparable to seeing them live (especially when there's good beer on tap).


'spillette Steenbeck said...

Nice post, 'Spillette Debby!

saneshane said...

I'm not too sure you've sold me on the boy band concept, even those that Rock.. but if I edit it to local bands playing live.. especially when there's good beer on tap.. then I'm there!

(I'm now going to play 'St Pauli' by Art Brut.. in memory of too much beer in Hamburg... cheers)