Monday, January 25, 2010

Bends For 5904 Miles II - The Wilderness Years

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From the producer, writer and star of the successful 30 Minutes Over Tokyo series ... the award-winning team who brought you the hugely popular Bends For 5904 Miles ... and two-eighths of the epic 'Spillcast ...

They were 2 young men thrown together by an administrator's blunder (probably) and bonded over a shared love of Britpop, obscure indie and alcohol. But the fates that drew them together eventually pushed them apart. Now, see listen to them try to explain to each other what’s happened to their respective record collections in the time they’ve been apart.

You'll laugh*

You'll cry**

You'll frown at the esoteric indie references***

It's Bends For 5904 Miles II - The Wilderness Years!

In this podcast we pick up from where our first podcast ended and discuss our musical tastes during the time since we last went gigging together – the wilderness years.


Podcast II - part 1
Podcast II - part 2

* We laugh, you might not
** You won't cry
*** You will.


SatanKidneyPie said...

If anybody's interested I'll can drop the individual tracks in the tinbox...

B=Mc2 said...

Can't wait to listen to this one!!

Shoegazer said...

1st podcast of the new decade! Can't wait to see if SKP is out of the dungeon this time.

saneshane said...

I claim my 50 spill points!

Fujiya & Miyagi are from Brighton (arn't they named after Karate Kid character?)
and for japanthers filing system shouldn't it be electro karaoke?

and after the Bomb the base a couple of weeks ago.. you should really watch this ft Fujiya & Miyagi:

it's ace!

really a pleasure to be in your virtual company for the afternoon.. nice one.

Abahachi said...

Dammit, why do I have no time at the moment?

nilpferd said...

Just had time to check the intro, sounds like bits off Coldcut's journeys by DJ. Looking forward to the rest sometime this week. Cheers!

Japanther said...

cheers Shane!50 Spill points duly awarded!

That video was brilliant and the tune was ace too. cheers.

electro karaoke?? I like it! another one to add to my list of impossible sub-genres...

steenbeck said...

Been very busy today, but can't wait to having a listen.

nilpferd said...

Check this fragment of Journeys by DJ, Japanther, which seems to have a very similar fragment of breakbeat to part of your opening clip..
Coldcut-Journeys by DJ

Japanther said...

you're not wrong nilpferd! that really is similar. is that really from as far back as 1995? amazing!...and a great tune too, cheers!

B=Mc2 said...

I had that coldcut cd - it had the Doctor WHo theme near the end!

i started listening - top stuff chaps! will finish off when i can!

nilpferd said...

70 minutes of madness was indeed originally released in 1995, with a reissue in 2002. Dr. Who theme, as Blimpy says, near the end, as well as Shoey favourite Jello Biafra's A message from our sponsor. Probably worth an AOTW post sometime.
Podcast was great- particularly liked the Roots Manuva and the more melodic of the thrashy stuff. Indeed the number one tag team on the 'Spill, no doubt about it!!

Abahachi said...

Not terribly sold on most of the music this time around, I'm afraid, but the banter is wonderful.