Saturday, January 23, 2010

History Boys (& Girls)

The History Of The World
Adam & Eve
Cleopatra King Size
Jesus Was Way Cool
Like Herod (Hood Remix)
Joan Of Arc
My White Devil
Haile Selassie Rules OK

The Death Of Ferdinand De Saussure
Madame Curie
Ben Gurion
Death & Night & Blood (Yukio)
Malcolm X
Miles Davis' Funeral
Harry Patch (In Memory Of)
Me & Stephen Hawking
History Girl


saneshane said...

the longest time between post has been filled - nice one shoey.

I was wondering if strange killer giraffe had attacked the world and I was the only person left (except the rest of the village - obviously) now, that would leave me to write up the history notes for future generations to understand what had happened!

That would be a big mistake on the part of the giraffe.. as I'm liable to make things up if I get bored.. the giraffe was Klien blue and wearing deely-boppers for instance...

historians (of the future) would be going WHAT? (but then they could all be my descendants- or the giraffes .. so they wouldn't have a leg to stand on - or four legs, maybe.. who knows, after the massive 'spill whipeout of 2010.

few.. glad you posted something.. think I might have gone sane.

Shoey said...

Was beginning to wonder if my futile RR boycott backfired & everyone left the 'Spill
& it was all my fault

Many of our virtual community do seem a little distracted lately. Hope everyone is ok?

Real life, Pah! It's overrated.

saneshane said...

I moved away from real life when I was about 4, ( don't know if it was my own choice) but don't miss it at all.

(unfortunately my son told me that our pet Dragon that lights the wood burner isn't real - I'm gutted.. and slightly cold!)

I think people here ('spill) are just trying to keep going. I mostly hope that their lives are just being great - so they don't have enough time to post stuff - here's hoping.

steenbeck said...

Carry on without us...Shane and Shoey..... Aaaaagghhhhhh SO TALLL! THIS GIRAFFE IS SOOOOO TAAALLLLL!!! Why is that dragon lighting his feet on Fiiiiiirre......NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

DsD said...

Sorry, folks, you're right, it has been the quietest time on The Spill in its short history, hasn't it?

For my part, it's undoubtedly the strain of the S2J; I'm just permanently knackered. And even when a proper job comes in, the client decides they're too busy to do their training in the week, and book weekends instead. Guess where I'm off to now, again, as soon as I've printed their invoice ...

Shoegazer said...

Have to do what you have to do, DsD. My soul-destroying employer has cut overtime this year, so am only working 5 days instead of 6. The silver lining is the extra free time will make it easier to find something better.

saneshane said...


did you ever post about the:
it looks like the sort of thing either you or nilpferd would have pointed me to - but I can't be sure - so I'm bigging it up again.

I'm just getting to the music (and enjoying so far)
as for work.. hope you do find something better..

and DsD
there's a big Heinz factory right here.. you should badger them to do some training - even if they didn't pay much.. you could riffle through my music and borrow a years worth (if you found stuff that interested you) and save spending for a while!

night all.. watch out for the klien blue giant giraffe and its dragon friend - big and scary- but pacifies if you do an impression of a NO EYED DERE.

Japanther said...

another top quality playlist Shoey....

I'm presuming Death & Night & Blood is a tribute to the real last samurai, Mishima??
I nominated this little beauty a while back:

...can't remember what the topic was though!

That Harry Patch tune was good too.....I've always railed against Radiohead to anyone who would listen, but i've done a complete about turn in the last few months after picking up a secondhand copy of In Baby's dad in Dirty Dancing, "when in wrong, I say i'm wrong" !!

DarceysDad said...

@ Shane - I already provide training for the company who've got the Heinz FLT contract; in fact I did some work to help them get the damned thing. Unfortunately, having secured it, my contact's director decided it was too big to subcontract the training out of house, and they've put their own instructor in!!

A harsh lesson learned in the ruthlessness of business, I suppose.

In the lst THREE WORKING DAYS I've also been told by three of the biggest companies I've ever done training for, that as much as they like what I do, (for different reasons across the three) I won't be getting any work out of them for the foreseeable future.

So it's back to the S2J, and biting my lip, at 4pm today.


After all, I've gotta find some way of paying for the four-figure repairs to the roof&window leaks the ice'n'snow showed up.


So, back to hammering the phone keypad . . .


nilpferd said...

..getting on for 8 months of unpaid invoices, an outbreak of lice at school, and the (welcome) weekend visit of an old friend nuked the Nilp. online weekend quite successfully.. will try to listen sometime in the week though Shoey.
Shane, it wasn't me with TYE- the site looks fantastic. Mara's schoolclass did a theatre version a year ago and made their own latex masks, etc, which was cool.

The giraffe's name is Kevin, by the way. If he's bothering anyone, just say it's time to go to bed and you really need to play three rounds of "flying giraffes" RIGHT NOW and you won't see him for dust.

Shoegazer said...

Hey Nilp, welcome back to the Shoelounge.

Darce, give CHEP a call, their HO is in Weybridge, but they have depots in Manchester, Leeds & Birmingham.

JP, Check out Hail To the Thief. Very underrated return to form after the overrated Kid A & Amnesiac.

nilpferd said...

Liked the King size Cleos best- easy on the whip though, Cleo- and those motherflippin' Jacks messing up Madame Curie's pipettes were also nicely intriguing. Stranglers brought back memories, haven't heard that for years. Nice to be back in the lounge Shoey, though you might want to have the cushions deloused after I've gone... just to be on the safe side, mind..

Shoegazer said...

No worries - If the lice snack on the ectoplasm left from last year's exorcism - that should finish them off.

nilpferd said...

You don't fancy popping some of that ectoplasm across to us in a brown paper envelope by any chance... second thoughts never mind, I think we have some left over from Mara's birthday party.