Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chicks who, um, KEY!!!


nilpferd said...

Do girls really have more fun with a Yamaha? Maybe we need a battle of the sexes.. here's my boys entry..George Duke on the same instrument, here from 2 min.

And here is another slightly less spectacular example of a women playing some keys.

Aziza Zadeh

steenbeck said...

To quote a youTube comment, George Duke is the grooviest thing I've ever heard.

And (heh heh) I mis-read your comment and was waiting for Aziza Zadeh to pull out her KeyTar. Seemed like it would be a little out of place. She's remarkable!

I like this one...who said nothing significant was ever written for bongo and keytar?


nilpferd said...

Bongo solo!! Awesome.

OK.. pay attention.

Watch this.

Now do this.

steenbeck said...


I love the static shot of the instrument. And the mauve backdrop. Classic classic classic.

Herbie, well, rocks it.

nilpferd said...

Herbie may be synching though- he obviously hasn't got Synthhelper down yet. Dummo.
Here's the grooviest George Duke Thang you've ever seen.

steenbeck said...

Nilpferd, I'm sitting by myself at the playgroung laughing out loud like a lunatic (lallal) at the idea of HH knitting his brows over the snthhelper video - starting it over, trying again...

nilpferd said...

Just imagine the dilemma- it's the Grammys, you've only played clubs and studios, you've done it once for the recording but now you have a billion odd viewers worldwide, Grandmaster DST has already chickened out, and you're haunted by that "it's just a few notes.."

You work through it.. from that C, you come all the way back to that D sharp.. or was it E?!



ejay said...

Instant favourite!

B=Mc2 said...

Best use of a keytar: