Saturday, January 30, 2010

an elephant with amnesia....

...walks into a bar

destroys it AGAIN.

"ouch, ouch, ouch" says the elephant.
"well, well, well" says the barman, a talking Loxodonta.
Splash, Splash, Splash went elle in all those wells...
"Pint of the usual...what ever that is...
and keep em coming 'til I'm completely TRUNK"

really quite tuff this subject - and even harder when your music collection (on computer) has gone for a game of hide'n'seek..
there's loads of songs that give me that feeling of forgetting or memory songs that you want to use as blanking music -
play this LOUD enough and I wont remember this songs about you/
make this intimate enough and the tears will dry up/
sit and wallow so long the words you tattoo'd under ya eyelids will fade away...
you know the kind of thing...(umm just me then)

(i'D explain these more, but I took my dad out to the football this afternoon and the Ms. says I'm not to stay up too long..)
the songs are great:
A list sorted again..enjoy.
I Know, And I Said Forget It

I Guess I'll Forget the Sound, I Guess, I Guess
The Slow Fade

Forget The Swan
The Shy Retirer
Superfreaky memories


nilpferd said...

Always a treat to see a shane playlist.. I'd have thought there'd be Ninja Tunes potential this week, but haven't had a single idea..

saneshane said...

only Ninja I could find was the complete antithesis:
Neotropic - Memories
so couldn't go with that.

Talking of Ninja, I'd gone on a massive search through the tunes, uploaded and added comments, got them in a lovely file... and now can't bloody well find it all!

I knew this i-tunes crash wouldn't be all cathartic
(it would almost certainly have got a podium place at the next awards for Ninja tune posts on the 'spill)
...I'll start again - at least I haven't been promising it as long as Blimpys Scottish A-Z!

nilpferd said...

Ah yes, the eagerly awaited Ninja Tunes sessions.. I was waiting to see what you posted, before I filled in the gaps, you see.. though I will be putting up a couple of Coldcut tracks tomorrow on my next A-lists post..

Makinavaja said...

Particularly enjoyed "Remember". Thanks, as always, Shane. Your posts are an education for me!

saneshane said...

I was heading towards less obvious sides anyway - and hoping you'd fill the jazz influence in blah blah blah i can't remember what I was going to do (but I have done an ace picture for it- and I think I can still find that!!!!)

walks away whistling, hoping no one else has picked up on this conversation...

Maki -
great to have you along as always...
D. Gookin - who did 'remember' is a bit of a mystery to me - I have access to a couple of eps (mostly noises like the soundtrack to 'Button Moon'(old kids TV) speeded up.. with odd vocals.

but this track I really like - bit like Junior Boys I think.

(this is off the top of my head - that's why I miss the song comments i write in itune - so sorry Mr Gookin if my memory is haywire)

Shoegazer said...

Tangenital, but "My Life's In These Bottles" By Lokas From Xen Tunes could squeeze in.

Time for a listen.

AliMunday said...

Is that Loxodonta Africana? I used to know all about taxonomy or whatever it is, but unlike the elephant, I've forgotten most of it.

saneshane said...

The Elephant was a lovely placid creature being cared for in Zimbabwe.. huge thing too, carried me, ms sane and a petrified/excited zane (not yet 2, then) all around for about half an hour.
You will never get me on the back of one of those things again - it was so high up and it's spine is massive and wide and painful!

its little friend who was a teenager, couldn't be ridden .. the reason, "it's a bit ummm.. how you say experiMENTAL!"

(if you ever get the chance to ride on one, make sure it's not made to kneel down for you (it's bad for them) - get on from a platform - I'm told)

Blimpy said...

withered hand has to make the a-list at some point, what will it take? he got a b the first time of trying, let's keep up the pressure!

saneshane said...

I'll try and get on RR to nominate him then! I can usually only read the first 100 comments.. then it crashes (my computer does, i mean).. and I haven't listened and re -listened to make my mind up on songs that quickly.

cornflake was my third idea by withered hand alone and felt so perfect..

I love the album so much I had to give in and by it on CD (I got a free badge too!) was so hoping it was going to get a vinyl release..