Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Golden Shred

Here's my favorite (unsung) female shredder: Monica Queen

You Tube serves her very poorly at the moment. Perhaps a little more interest will change this. Some still remember her for lifting 'Lazy Line Painter Jane' (Belle and Sebastian) up to a higher level, but her band (Thrum) are now pretty much forgotten. Sad in my view.

She's still out there, bless her. Not so shreddie, but just as good. The campaign to resurrect the career of Monica Queen (and Thrum) starts here. I wish.


B=Mc2 said...

I haven't forgotton Thrum!!!

I taped one of their videos off the Indie Chart section of The Chart Show!!! I may even have seen them play live!!!!


barbryn said...

I saw Belle & Sebastian live just after Lazy Line Painter Jane came out. When she came on to sing that song, she showed them up for the bunch of shambling amateurs that they were at the time. Phenomenal. And - amazing claim to fame this - my cousin used to know her a bit, and says she's very nice.

sourpus said...

Was in touch with her recently through MySpace, asking if she'd be up for a gig in Budapest. Turns out she would. Bloody from a stone to get financial support for it, but still, a nice idea in principal.