Monday, January 4, 2010

RIP Vic Chesnutt

Dammit. Missed my chance to see him.
First songwriter I cried over was Lowell George. Feels sadder now.
Vic on Youtube
More Vic on Youtube
Garbage cover a Chesnutt song
REM cover a Chesnutt song
I'd post Mary Margaret O'Hara covering 'Florida' too, but can't find her anywhere online.


Shoegazer said...

Very sad & makes this tune from the last album even sadder:

Flirted With You All My Life

elf said... Margaret O'Hara - Florida %20florida.mp3

barbryn said...

News to me, and sad news. I saw him supporting the Cowboy Junkies a few years ago, and he was a riot. I only have a couple of albums - would be a good subject for a 'Spill-list maybe?

In tribute, here's Animals That Swim's Vic

cauliflower said...

Thanks Shoey - Elf, glad to be able to share Florida. And envious of barbryn - list would be good.