Thursday, January 21, 2010

Northern Social CD update - Webcore's Blues

As you may all have gathered, I don't get much free time. I am finally on my own in the house for more than one hour (oooo-err) and taking the opportunity to do all the 101 things I never get to do like slobbing out with some CDs. Top of the pile was Webcore's Blues from the Northern Social (yes, I know that was 3 months ago, but see above) - and I would just like to say it is superb. I can't find a single track I don't like. So this is just a very brief way to say thank you Webcore, for adding quality to my morning off. Oh, and to post a nice picture of trees.


gordonimmel said...

I'll second that emotion, Ali. I did praise 'Webcore's Blues' on one of the previous posts re Northern Social CD's but it's probably worth reinforcing my previous comment. It's especially good listening to some of the original blues tracks ripped, I mean covered by the likes of Cream and Led Zep.

(BTW, I still haven't listened to yours. I only got a copy of it from Darceysdad a week or so ago and am still trying to find time to listen to it. Will give feedback when i have done).

AliMunday said...

Don't worry about it Gordonimmel, there's several I haven't heard yet including yours and DsD's - I will do it, it's just finding a time when I'm not distracted by something or someone else! I think I will like them both, which is partly why I've left them till last - others have been a voyage of discovery and all well worth listening to, even if they haven['t all been my cup of tea. It's great to hear new things.

treefrogdemon said...

I really liked yours too, webcore - in fact, I've imported the whole lot. Ta!

sonofwebcore said...

Hi Ali & co. Glad you liked the CD. I've always had a preference for Delta (acoustic) blues, though that doesn't mean I won't like any other kind. It's just music I've collected over the years, and given the quality of listeners around here I was confident that it would go down well. To me it's the source of the music we all love. Thanks again.
A side note. I've been pestering The Guardian over the absence of RR. They are annoyed enough now to red flag my posts saying that they are going straight to the moderator. Could be a good thing, if they're on the ball. Worst case scenario, I get a ban.