Sunday, January 17, 2010

WARNING: may contain mild peril

I'd better try and sleep now - I've been fighting with my computer for hours trying to put this up - everyone grab a pillow to cuddle.. it's saneshanes not really that unsettling playlist.. all together now, squeeze my hand and press play:
1 Tunng :
We were playing in the lakes behind my folk place when I was eight years old. I was a good diver (but crap swimmer)
I went down deep and found a car.
Second dive I got to the windscreen and thought I saw something.
Third dive I picked out the wide eyed stares of the two occupants.
(the papers said they’d been having an affair and made a lovers pact to drive the car right in - they’d been missing three months according to my parents)
I could still draw their faces to this day 30 odd years later.
Pool Beneath The pond

2 Wild Beasts :
Dancing cock down by his knees – yikes indeed.
Two Dancers

3 De Rosa :
what do I quote – it all sounds sinister.. who have you got under the stairs? – enjoy!
Under The Stairs

4 Sister Suvi :
This reminds me of some great Goth tracks – don’t let them stumble through my bedroom door.. please.

5 Emiliana Torrini :
“a bottle of your blood inside me”
she purred I grrrrrrrrrrrreeeuuuuuuuuuurd.
(and inspired an entire blood playlist)
Beggar’s Prayer

6 The Organ:
I floated up to the ceiling and spied on the front house when I was a student.. when I came down I was laying in a bed of broken glass.. three days later the doctors had calmed my head with awful pills and I didn’t do any artwork for years.. I dislike those doctors to this day…
Oh What a Feeling
..and that takes us to:
7 Butcher Boy:
I couldn’t dream (or sleep) and bizarrely, not dreaming is my biggest nightmare.
When I'm Asleep

8 Buddy Wakefield :
(And really don’t like the word hate).
Healing Herman Hesse

9 Wolfgang Press:
I’ve got a thing about blood.. think it’s possibly quite useful, glad it’s about… but the smallest cut and I bleed like a fountain.. vampires love me.
Blood Satisfaction

it’s weird to start with, then gets a Board Of Canada Remix, if I was going for real unsettling I’d just play a Board Of Canada album… (I did used to go to sleep with them playing… but my dreams ended up too odd even for me)
Dead Dogs Two (Board Of Canada Remix)

11 Hector Zazou:
this is just lovely and stays just the right side of creepy atmospherics, if you get what I mean..
Symphony of Ghosts

12 The Accidental:
This is just stalkerish.. disguised as sweetness.
The lights on the stereo are darstardlies I’m sure.. their eyes glow.. they break your legs WHAT!
Knock Knock

13 Buddy Wakefield:
Nine generations back my grandmother was the first female Methodist preacher (or something – keep up.. it’s story time)
– this gives me flashbacks –
– why oh why did I do all the fire and brimstone
– all I wanted was the crack.
Fran Varian's Grandmother

14 David Shane Smith:
Wait for 3 odd minutes in, just brilliantly angled.. nervous systems getting nervous right on.. on the edge of my seat eventually.

15 Pixies:
Did I mention the blood thing.. oddly sexy.
(you might have to turn it up…. BLOODY WELL TURN IT UP)


debbym said...

Shane, I love your posts!

saneshane said...

thank you debby..

Japanther said...

another blistering array of tracks i'd never heard...where do they all come from Shane?!!

the cLOUDDEAD track was probably my favourite, Boards Of Canada are great, I never bought their "Campfire Headphase" (or something like that) album 'cos I read it was a bit too song-y and structured and I like my BOC to be nice and it worth hunting down a secondhand copy?

Japanther said...

i liked that second Buddy Wakefield track too, reminded of Slint a little.......

Shoey said...

Found this all quite comforting - what is wrong with me?

saneshane said...

I'm with you really - I wasn't in the mood for major unpleasantness - so was trying to stay on the side of mild and subtle oddities.

"Campfire Headphase" never got it either - I think I had this discussion quite early on (in RR time) I found I had diminishing interest as the records came out.. not possible through the quality of the subsequent records - just sometimes the perfection of the early work was enough for me. BoC were one of those artist (if you get what I mean!)